Auxiliary Food Services Program

 AuxFS Grads

What is the AuxFS Program?

The AuxFS (Auxiliary Food Services) Program is a national Coast Guard Auxiliary program designed to provide trained Auxiliarists to fill-in at stations, cutters, or bases to relieve FSs. The program allows FSs to attend training, take leave, etc. without the station being short handed. The AuxFS members can also assist with VIP events, change of commands and other events such as picnics. AuxFS members can be available for a variety of time frames from one meal to several days. The AuxFS members do not shop for or supply food, they prepare the food the stations provide, and assist in serving and cleanup. AuxFS members are not authorized to handle cash. AuxFS members do supply that home cooked touch during the holidays and at special events.

The AuxFS national program is a division within the Coast Guard Auxiliary national Human Resources Directorate headed by Division Chief Paulette Parent and branch chiefs spanning across the United States. Each Auxiliary district will have an AuxFS District Staff Officer appointed by the District Commodore who will work closely with the units in that District.


Who are the AuxFS members? 

The certified AuxFS member completes 18-22 hours of basic food services training. The training based on the CS3 Striker course, emphasizes safety and sanitation, working in a galley and basic food preparation. The Coast Guard Food Services Directorate has approved the AuxFS Training Program. A certified and experienced AuxFS is the instructor for the training, often assisted by a unit Culinary Service Specialist. 

Training schedules, qualification requirements, and duties will be available from this page as it becomes available.


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Training Information 

D8CR Upcoming Classes

D8CR AuxFS Program Guidebook

D8CR AuxFS Program Online System Powerpoint (PDF)

D8CR Certified Instructors

AuxFS Training Information (National AuxFS Website)

Deployment Guide for Cutters (Underway and In port)

AuxFS Duty Calendars (Vacancies for AuxFS members to Fill)

accessible by AuxFS qualified members, ASC, and District Leadership members 

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District Staff Officer of Food Services

Thea Narkiewicz