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Flotilla 17-11 Change Of Watch

On Saturday December 16, 2017 Flotilla 17-11 had its Change of Watch ceremony.  The purpose of the Change of Watch is to install the newly elected officers and to recognize the hard work and effort of the outgoing officers.

The ceremony is patterned after the Coast Guard’s formal time-honored Change of Watch ceremony.
We would like to say thank you to Richard Danner the outgoing Flotilla Commander for his efforts and welcome his Former Vice Flotilla Commander Ema Scott as the new Flotilla Commander! We also welcome the New Vice Flotilla Commander Maria Motes.

Many thanks to all the outgoing Flotilla Staff Officers and a welcome to all the new ones. 2018 looks to be a great year for our flotilla!

Coast Guard Officer 

 Commander of Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral addresses Flotilla 17-11.

 Honor Guard 

Flotilla 17-11 Honor Guard. 

Incoming and out going Flotilla Comanders 

 The outgoing FC congratulates the incoming FC.

Old FC shaking hands  

 Outgoing FC Danner congratulating FSO FN Carl Motes.

New FC 

 Our new Flotilla Commander Ema Scott.


Division Commander John Holmes congratulating  FSO IS Fred Bahr
while FSO OP John Bennett looks on.

 Boat crew reunion

A reunion of former boat crew trainees (they are now crew members) with their mentors

FC and VFC sworn in. 

Division Commander Holmes swears in FC Scott and VFC Motes. 

FC gets her new shoulder boards 

New FC Scott receives her new shoulder boards. 

VFC get her new boards 

 New VFC Motes receives her new shoulder boards.

Flotilla Staff sworn in. 

The swearing in of the new Flotilla Staff Officers. 


 FSO MT Tony Wong with his certificate of appointment.


Photo Credits Sharon Breece, Amanda McKinley and Tony Wong