Elected and Appointed Officers


Peter Positano 
Mark Craig Wronowski 
Edward (Eddie) Morris
 Flotilla Commander  Vice Flotilla Commander


Mark Craig Wronowski originally joined the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD AUXILIARY in 2013. His first flotilla was 

070-17-11Orlando. He quickly became interested in the detachment forming in Kissimmee.

Upon completing mandatory training, he then focused on Marine Safety And Environmental Protection. He was promoted to FLOTILLA STAFF OFFICER of Marine Safety in 2014 and focused on expanding the members interested in Marine Safety and its certifications.

In 2015 he transferred to the newly formed 070-17-10 Osceola and continued serving as FLOTILLA STAFF OFFICER of Marine Safety focusing on UNINSPECTED PASSENGER VESSELS.

He was elected as VICE FLOTILLA COMMANDER in November 2015 serving as Chief Of Staff for Flotilla Commander Peter Positano. In 2016, He was elected by
the flotilla membership to serve as FLOTILLA
COMMANDER. In 2017, He was honored to be elected to serve a second term as FLOTILLA COMMANDER.

He is currently certified as Instructor, Program Visitor, Vessel Examiner, Marine Safety Adminastrative Management and Uninspected Passenger Vessel Examiner.

Mr. Wronowski is an active mariner and holds a Master Of Towing Vessels License and is a USCG Designated Examiner.

His awards include Two Guard Unit Commendation Award and Two Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation. 

Edward (Eddie) Morris served 6 years in the United States Navy during that time he did two tours of duty in Vietnam in Southeast Asia leaving the Navy with the rank of Petty Officer Second Class (E5).

After several years he became a Law Enforcement Officer and retired Master Police Office in October 2011. After retirement he joined the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary October 2012. His first flotilla was 17-11 in Orlando Fl. Eddie was advanced to Program Visitor Flotilla Staff Officer in 2014 and served in that capacity for two years in Flotilla 17-11. When the detachment was formed in Kissimmee, Fl. He continued his duties as a Flotilla Staff Officer in 17-11 and in the detachment.

The detachment was formed into its own Flotilla, 17-10 and Eddie continued as Program Visitor Flotilla Staff Officer and later took over the additional duties of Materials Officer.

 November 2016 Edward Morris was elected as the Vice Flotilla Commander, Chief of Staff to the incoming new Flotilla Commander Mark Wronowski.

Eddie is qualified Boat Crew and certified Program visitor.