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Welcome to USCG Auxiliary Yankeetown/Cedar Key Florida
John Caddigan
Bob Weisman
  John Caddigan

                      Flotilla Commander 2018                 

 Bob Weisman

Flotilla Vice Commander 2018 


Flotilla 15-2 is based in Yankeetown/Cedar Key FL.  We are focused on Marine Safety and Environmental Protection (MSEP) and Boating Safety.... prevention of boating accidents and fatalities. Florida continues to rank #1 in the nation for boating accidents and our aim is to decrease those numbers.  We utilize a number of methods including Public Education, Public Affairs missions, Recreational Boating Outreach and Vessel Safety Checks to educate and prepare the boating public.
On the operations side, our Coast Guard counterparts of Coast Guard Station Yankeetown will often utilize us to assist in many missions. Most of our vessels are able to maneuver in these shallow waters and our local knowledge is extremely useful to them. We are involved in cross training with the personnel at Station Yankeetown as well as other Auxiliary Flotillas. 

Flotilla 15-2 will work with you!

PUBLIC EDUCATION: US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 15-2 will work with you to set up a Public Education class for your organization. We work with municipalities, schools, and other organizations to tailor the "About Boating Safety" course. We also have and can create specialized classes such as topics dealing with pollution which is an eye opener for school classes as well as adults.
VESSEL SAFETY CHECK: Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) are a FREE proactive check of your boat to make sure it adheres to the Federal and State requirements and an opportunity for us to interact with boaters. This is a prudent step to take before you go out on the water to insure you and your passengers will be safe, and could save you from a hefty fine based on not having the proper safety equipment on board. After successfully passing the VSC, we will award you with a current years VSC Decal. Many insurance companies will offer a discount on your policy after you have had a successful VSC. US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 15-2 will work with you to set up a VSC at your home, work, a marina or most anywhere within our geographic region.
PUBLIC AFFAIRS: If you are having an event which would be appropriate for us to attend (any boating event, national holiday based event, etc), US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 15-2 will work with you to set up a presence to provide boating safety information, answer questions, and perform FREE VSC's if desired.




The Yankeetown/Cedar Key FL area is home to 132 types of sand gnats, affectionately known as no-see-ums. Having a boating breakdown and being forced to stay near-shore here can be a real painful experience, so we have become an Operations Oriented Flotilla specializing in Search and Rescue. The offshore waters to our north are very shallow and with the good inshore fishing in the area our skills get called upon frequently to locate folks who have broken down.