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Citrus County Chronicle Article - VHF Radios Important to Boating Safely

Citrus County Chronicle has a boating safety article at the top of page two regarding the importance of having a properly-configured and functional VHF radio on your boat any time you are on the water.

"Of all the safety gear and equipment carried on or installed on your boat, the very high frequency (VHF) radio ranks second only to your personal flotation device in importance. Your VHF radio provides a means of getting help quickly and effectively when you need it."

The article stresses the importance of properly setting up and using a VHF radio on your boat, including the advantages of using a digital selective calling-capable (DSC) radio and a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number to quickly communicate vital information in an emergency to the U.S. Coast Guard via the Rescue 21 system.

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