From the Division 15 Bridge

2018 Division 15 Bridge

Andy Render, Commander, Division 15   Andrew J. Render, Division Commander & Operations

Ray O'Connell, Vice Division Commander, Division 15   Raymond W. O'Connell, Vice Division Commander & AUX Unit Coordinator

Diane Berman, Immediate Past Division Commander, Division 15  Diane H. Berman, Immediate Past Commander & Program Visitation Officer

George Dooris, Communications Officer, Division 15   George M. Dooris, Communications Officer

   Robert A. Fabich, Sr., Communication Services Officer

Donald Jones, Finance Officer, Division 15   Donald E. Jones, Finance Officer

Vincent Maida, Food Service Officer, Division 15   Vincent S. Maida, Food Service Officer

Dennis Skonecki, Human Resource Officer, Division 15    Dennis Skonecki, Human Resources

Lawrence Berman, Information Officer and R&S Coordinator, Division 15   Lawrence S. Berman, Information Officer & R&S Coordinator

Kenneth Blair, Materials Officer, Division 15   Kenneth Blair, Materials Officer

Paul Pelletier, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Officer, Division 15   Paul P. Pelletier, Marine Safety And Environmental Protection Officer

Division 15 logo   Tricia Dooris, Member Training & Navigation Systems Officer

   Lana Lanza, Secretary/Records Officer

James Nastelli, Vessel Examination Officer, Division 15   VACANT, Vessel Examinations Officer

Robert Fabich, the 7:15 express Publisher, Division 15   Robert A. Fabich, Sr., the 7:15 express Publisher

Dolores Spain, Public Eiducation Officer, Division 15   Dolores E. Spain, Public Education Officer

Linda Jones, Public Affairs, Ombudsman and Special Events Coordinator, Division 15   Linda Jones,

                         Public Affairs, USCG Ombudsman & Special Events Coordinator