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About USCG & Auxiliary Official Organization Publications 

Publications abound. 

We hope to give you some sense of the many publications and public official communication sources available (and now viewable in one place) for you! Some are pictured above. All are linked in sub-tab groupings below. Tell your friends about these public information resources. 

E-Newsletters (E-News) are defined as newsletter formatted publications, usually frequently published (monthly), containing locally oriented subjects, those closely related to the organizational originating unit of the Coast Guard or Auxiliary.

E-Zines are defined here as electronic publications in a magazine format with a larger scope containing relevant, colorful informational articles, pictures, illustrations about our diverse organizational groups. They are regularly published by and about our organization, the US Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. 

As we receive new publication notices about Divisional, District and National publications we will publish them here, as links (tabs in this menu heading) for your reference. We will try to keep all links current as to each publication. Back issues are usually available on the respective site links. 

We will publish them here, as links for your ready reference. For further questions about this page or any of the links in the menu tabs below, please contact your web team. 

There are also many blogs and Facebook groups that you can find online. Check them out on our social media pages. If you'd like to see additional publications listed, please contact us.

Best Wishes for a great and prosperous year! 

Henry Seiden, FSO-CS