Division 14 Goals

Our 2017 Division goals listed here, in no particular order of importance, will be shared at our
January 21 Board Meeting and, hopefully, agreed to as a team.

- Utilize the strengths/talents of members to assist the AD.  Specific goals follow below but the
  general goal is to build teamwork with our AD and Reserve colleagues.  In general, the focus will
  be on Radio Watchstanding, Food Services and Gate Watch but other areas may be appropriate.
     o  Encourage more members to participate in Front Gate Watch Duty at Station Mayport.  
          The goal  being to qualify sufficient members to cover a full week’s duties.  
          Shifts are 0630-1030 and 1030- 1430 but members can do any parts thereof.  
           AD perform colors at 0800.
     o   Encourage members to participate in the AUXFS program by holding a training session in
          the Sector Galley similar to that being held in Miami. Help will be needed for this to 
           happen. SO-FS has been appointed for 2017.

- Conduct our bi-annual Memorial Wall Ceremony honoring members who have crossed the
   bar in 
the last two years. CAPT Dixon will be invited to be the keynote speaker.
-  FCs will be encouraged to invite DCDR and VCDR to their meetings.  On the face of it, this goal
   sounds obvious 
but DCDR wants flotillas to feel comfortable with his presence.
-  Encourage greater communications via personal contact with individual members.  Email is
    great but rather impersonal!  Along these lines, emergency contact with 
members will be
   performed using calling trees and not Everbridge. 
-  SO-OP will coordinate cross-flotilla training in two boat drills and encourage same
   participation with Station boats.  Note that Station AUXLOs were assigned by CWO Pavlick
   two years ago and a few 
training drills have already been accomplished with the AD.  
   This goal is very important to building trust 
with Auxiliary crews.  Other ideas to encourage the
   use of Auxiliary teams in SAR cases will be explored and could include nav
competitions, SAR
   exercises, even the Mayport Challenge that was last held in 
2009 – certainly time to do it again!
-  Division fellowship events will be organized and ideas solicited.  A division-wide visit to the
Minor League Baseball (Jax Jumbo Shrimp) team will take place in May close to
   NSBW.  AD will be invited, our Division Honor Guard will present the colors and a PA event will
   be arranged at the 
baseball grounds.
-  Increase flotilla membership and retention by recommending assignment of mentors.
-  Continue the great work that Division 14 flotillas have been doing in the RBS area, especially
   in the areas of PE, PV, VE and focus our increasing efforts on 
paddlecraft safety.

Respectfully Submitted,
David Patrick DCDR 14
Rev. 2/5/17