Division 14 Goals

2018 Division Goals

2018 Division goals are listed here, in no particular order of importance:

·Member recruiting will be our major emphasis across all flotillas, plus we need to target boat owners to grow our Operations program which is in decline in 3 of our 5 flotillas.

·Mentoring of new members in each flotilla.  Flotillas will  be encouraged to use the D7
model.  Goal of completing MTR in the first 90 days for new members.

·Encourage flotillas to participate and apply for the NACO 3 Star Award.

·Advisory committee to be formed to explore long term division goals (not just for one or two terms).

·Consider establishing Assistant SOs as part of successor planning for Division Staff Officers.

·Implementation of Operational Risk Management (GAR 2.0) with all crews and coxswains.

·Consider establishing unofficial SO(s) for those areas that AD has identified as needing AUX support –   AUXBUILD, AUXFE, ACS (chaplaincy).

·Plan for seminars/workshops at boat shows and use them as a way of attracting new members. Needs to   be done well ahead of time if acceptable to the organizers of the January Jacksonville Boat Show.

·Continue to utilize the strengths/talents of members to assist the AD.  The goal is to build teamwork with   our AD and Reserve shipmates.  In general, the focus will be on Radio Watchstanding, Food Services and   Gate Watch but other areas may be appropriate.  AUC has developed a Division 14 Damage Control   Team  under the control of the Sector Annex Engineering Department and Station Mayport Operations.  Projects such as painting the interior of the front gate guard shack, re-striping the parking areas, replacing   ceiling tiles will be undertaken.

·Encourage greater communications via personal contact with individual members.  Email is great but rather impersonal!  Along these lines, emergency contact with
members will be performed using calling trees and Everbridge.  Encourage flotillas to reach out to ‘ghost’
members and reinvigorate.

·Make training opportunities available to all Division members across all flotillas.  SO-MT will facilitate.

·SO-OP and SO-MT will coordinate cross-flotilla training in two boat drills and encourage same
 participation with Station boats.  Investigation into holding the Mayport Challenge will be encouraged in
 cooperation with the AD, Reserves and Auxiliary crews.  This Challenge is a competition which
 includes aspects of navigation, SAR exercises, line/heaving line handling, last held in 2009.

·Last and by no means least we will continue the great work that Division 14 flotillas have
 been doing in the RBS area, especially in the areas of PE, PV, VE and focus our increasing efforts on   paddlecraft safety. Plan early for the NSBW success achieved in 2017.

Respectfully submitted,
David Patrick DCDR 14
updated 1/24/18