Just for New Members

New Member Overview

You’re a brand spanking new member of the USCG Auxiliary…. Now what?

by Dewayne Roos, Vice Flotilla Commander, FSO-HR


With the help of Flotilla 13-8’s members, we are doing a good job of adding new members. And it’s vital that we do so, for as the Flotilla is the basic foundation of the Auxiliary, the individual Auxiliary member is the same for the Flotilla. A sufficient headcount is an important first step, but that doesn’t really mean anything unless our members, especially new ones, are active, involved and enjoying what they are doing. So the focus here is on getting our new members off to a great start.


As we’ve improved obtaining new members, we are also focusing on getting new members up and running as quickly as possible. We’re not satisfied yet, but we feel we are making progress. Here’s what we’ve identified as a simplified overview of what is crucial to your positive entre to our Flotilla and your success as a new member:


Learning About the Auxiliary

By now you know there is a lot to absorb, and we know you can’t take it all in immediately. We give a very brief orientation in your new member application process, and also give you paths to obtain more relevant information and the answers to questions you may have. You’ll find that knowing the Auxiliary is an ongoing process, but the more you learn the easier it is to understand its structure and components, and yes, those many acronyms. These important resources can be linked to here, on our Flotilla webpage. Use them to view or download:

·        New Member Handbook

·        Auxiliary Manual

·        Auxiliary Procedures Manual

·        Latest Update on Uniforms

CG Auxiliary Mandated Training Information 



The Auxiliary strongly believes in training for its members. The many opportunities available not only improve your skill set and let you achieve qualifications in the areas you want to pursue; they make you more valuable to your Flotilla. Many are available online and you can take them at your leisure.


And, there is also Mandated Training of 10 required courses, 8 Auxiliary courses and 2 FEMA courses. You need to successfully complete them within your first year of membership. They don’t take a lot of time and can all be done online, or classroom if available, but make sure you plan to get them done. They are more helpful the sooner you take them and get them out of the way.

Please click on the Members Only tab below, get a password and login to this area.  All important links for the Mandated training can be found here.       



We are working to match every new member with a mentor, an invaluable resource as you make your way from new to seasoned, accomplished member. If you don’t have a mentor or are not sure who it is, please contact Dewayne Roos, or 305 395-2749.



This is key to becoming a knowledgeable member, as well as functioning effectively within the Flotilla and the Auxiliary.  The “New Member page” that you are on now on consolidates a wealth of helpful information, as well as give us the ability to share new or revised information quickly with our new members.


Have questions?... We hope so!

Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand or don’t know something. We’ve all been there, or are often there now. Don’t get stumped or frustrated. Remember the old adage, “The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked.” All the other members of your Flotilla want you to succeed. So if you have a question or a problem or concern, please ask your mentor, one of our officers or another member. It they don’t have the answer, they will help find it.