Flotilla 13-8 Image Collection

Operations Collection 2018




2018 is off to a very active start for Flotillas 13-4 and 13-8.  With 12 coxswain and crew scehduled to re-qualify this year as well as initial qualifications for Coxswain and crew, we are underway every week with multiple assets. 

Our first QE was an outstanding success.  Pete Ihrig qualified as coxswain.  He can now marry you or rescue you.  Not bad skills to have.  Hobie successfully re-qualified as crew and Rich Natole demonstrated his skills as a re-qual coxswain.

Our next Qualification Exam will be on April 10.  Gross and Kahler will re-qual as coswain.  Broton will re-qual as crew. AND, we will have Marie McFarland AND Susie Shimamoto qualifying as crew.

As you can see from the images, our air training missions are busy and exciting.  We set a record a few weeks ago with two helos AND 19 drops.  The strange guy in some of the pics is Chad Armstrong from Unique Marine. 

Our missions(yes, Air too) are available for anyone to join us as a guest.  Just contact Jim Doran or Ray Nemura for more details.

Lastly, a big BZ to Doran and Nemura.  They have done an outstanding job with coordination and scheduling of all Operations activities and missions.