Diversity Program


Diversity person for this flotilla is:  Philip Jones,  FSO-DV  


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 Message From the National Commodore

  01 November 2012
From: Thomas C. Mallison
To: All Auxiliarists
Re: Diversity Statement
It is the policy of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary to ensure that all citizens, regardless of race, gender, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age, religion, or physical or mental disability have an equal opportunity to become a member of this organization. People from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests are welcome and encouraged to join the Auxiliary to work side by side

 with us as we serve the boating public.

The fundamental action imperative of diversity is to create an environment, which fosters an appreciation of the values, skills, and abilities of each individual member. Members are responsible to each other for promoting an inclusive atmosphere of acceptance and respect, for demonstrating a commitment to fair and equal opportunity, and for moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating our different backgrounds.

We are committed to enjoying a diverse and inclusive membership.

We all understand that diversity is not a problem to be solved, but that it is an asset to be developed.
Very respectfully,
Thomas C. Mallison / s /  National Commodore

Message from Flotilla Commander 

   As all things in nature change to survive, so do organizations. Our Flotilla is no different. We have three generations of members that come to us with a diversity of thought. They come with a wealth of human experience from all three generations. Our job is inclusion and engagement. We must excite our members about our programs in order for each of them to achieve inclusion into a high performing team. This is the key to the next generation of well prepared leaders in our organization.


To accelerate the inclusion process for new members and to recharge our team’s high performance, we have added a new position for our journey toward diversity excellence. We now have a new Flotilla Service Officer position for Diversity. The person appointed to the position is Shirley Tomesko. Shirley has a wealth of human resource management experience in both the business world and large voluntary organizations. She will be involved in diversity member training; chair the awards and recognition committee; and will be a member of our recruiting team.


The Flotilla Service Officers will be promoting individual success by formally mentoring new members through their first year. During this period the FSO’s will work the new members through the Member Involvement Plan and early certification in a program area. Again, our FSO’s have over a hundred years of combined experience to offer in the professional growth of Our Flotilla.

Diversity support within the Flotilla and reaching out to the Diversity in our community is the key to our organizational future.