Flotilla 11-1 Member Training

Your Flotilla Staff Officer for Member Training (FSO-MT) is:

Kathy Lloyd
727-677-2288 (cell) (e-mail)

Your Division Staff Officer for Member Training (SO-MT) is:

Karen L. Miller
727-786-0959 (home)
727-365-0731 (cell) (e-mail)

Message from the FSO-MT

Good morning Trainees,

I wanted to let you know about some patrol opportunities coming up in May. There are some "Safely/Training" patrols in need of trainees! These patrols are designed with you in mind. If there are things you need to have signed off in your crew book, or things you would like to work on, let the coxswain know and he/she will make every effort to help you.

At this time these are several training patrols available. Please go to the Patrol Schedule page and click on the Current Schedule link at the top of the page.

If you would like to take advantage of these opportunities, please contact the coxswain and copy the Ops staff. (Manny Sosa, Dennis Potter, Tom Mevers)

I hope to see you on the water!

Kathy Lloyd, FSO-MT

General Mandated Training Opportunity

Division-wide General Mandated Training will be available to interested members on 24 April at the Tarpon Springs Flotilla room.  If you are interested in attending please send your request to the Flotilla Member Training Officer, Kathy Lloyd.  To see the required classes, the initial requirements, and the refresher requirements click on the Mandated Training link in the Menu.

Auxiliary Learning Management System (LMS) is available via the link below: