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   Welcome New Members

New member applicants are always welcome. Applicants are required to take the on-line New Member Course, and then take the final exam (it's a very simple test to simply show that you read the course material). Completing this easy course is a requirement for application to the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and it can be found here:

Auxiliary New Member Course - follow the link, and then click on "Login as a Guest"
to access the course and test.

Of course the easier way to work this is to give the Flotilla Human Resources Officer a call to help work though the paperwork personally.  See list by flotilla.

11-1   Bernadette Taylor   (856) 456-6634

11-3    David Fansler   (217) 691-4303

11-6    James Kreyer     (727) 844-8110

11-7    Tom Loughlin     (727) 534-4244

11-9    Kim Davis      (813) 482-7512

11-10  Kristi  Mackey     (813) 928-9229


Division 11 - You can contact Kim Davis at (813) 482-7512

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