Public Education Tools for the Environment

Officer Snook Activities

 District 7 DSO-PA, Tom Loughlin, has developed an educational game that has proven to be a big hit with the public. The game teaches both children and adults about the impact of trash being thrown into our waterways. The colorful game is a hands-on approach to learning the biodegradability of the most common items we see while on the water. As Tom likes to say to people walking by, “Hey, you want to talk trash?” Curious, they stop, laugh, then come over to look at the game and to play it by matching the movable “trash samples” to match the lifespan pictures. While there we talk about waterway safety, membership and  life jackets. Construction information is below under “How to construct the game”. If you have any questions please feel free to call Tom at (727) 868-9342 or by email at

The Challenge

How long will your TRASH last in the ENVIRONMENT?

 Setup files for the exercise

Officer Snook Picture