Flotilla 10-10 Uniform Information

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed, volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard. As such, we have the right and the privilege to wear the official uniforms of the Coast Guard, with subtle differences in insignias to identify us to one another, and to active duty Coast Guard members. The most obvious differences: their buttons and braid are gold; ours are silver, and our collar and shoulder insignia all have a small "A" signifying "Auxiliary".
Since, to most of the general public, we are virtually indistinguishable from our active-duty shipmates on the "gold side", we are held to the same high standards of dress, grooming, and comportment. We wear the uniform with pride. Auxiliary members purchase their own uniforms.

 The uniforms most typically warn by Auxiliarists are the ODU and the Tropical Blue.

 Operational Dress Uniform "ODU"                                          Tropical Blue  "Trops"


The ODU is the working uniform and is worn when serving along side our CG shipmates and on most missions. The Tropical Blue is used for meetings and some public demonstrations, partner visitation, boat shows and the public classroom.