Position Vacancies

To:  District 7 USCG Auxiliary Members
Resumes are being solicited for Assistant District Staff Officer (ADSO) positions.
Recently, the USCG Auxiliary at the national level created a position titled, Incident Management & Preparedness aka Q-Directorate.  Senior leadership authorized Commodores to appoint a District Staff Officer-Incident Management (DSO-IM) position to administer three new functions (Skills Bank / Everbridge / Contingency Planning). 
District 7 opted to consolidate the three new Q-Directorate tasks within the existing Incident Command System Team.
·      ADSO - Deputy (Dan Jacquish 51) 
·      ADSO - Emergency Operation Centers (Cheryl Brown 67)
·      ADSO - Advanced ICS Training & Deployment (Dewey Jackson 13-8)
·      ADSO - Auxiliary Mass Rescue Operations Specialist (Efrain Sora 67)
·      ADSO - Skills Bank                    (Position Vacant)
·      ADSO - Everbridge                    (Position Vacant)
·      ADSO - Contingency Planning   (Position Vacant)       
                                Vacant Job Descriptions 

> Skills Bank.   The selected ADSO working with the Q-Directorate staff will help develop a district–wide marketing scheme, provide oversight, and maintenance of an existing Auxiliary administrative database containing individually inputted occupational skill set codes indicating that the member would be willing to offer their services for possible ad hoc utilization by Gold Side personnel.  For example:  currently licensed medical personnel; attorneys; CPA; tax preparers; current tradesman – plumbers; carpenters; painters; handyman etc.
>  Everbridge.  The selected ADSO working with the Q-Directorate staff will assist in developing district–wide policy direction and leadership training for the effective use of this powerful private-industry owned global notification system.  
>  Contingency Planning (A New Auxiliary Mission Task) The selected ADSO working with the Q-Directorate staff will develop a District 7 “Long Range-Future State Plan.” 
Working with the Auxiliary Sector & Aviation Coordinators, the ADSO will address the question - where are we now compared to where do Sector & Air Station Commanders want us (Auxiliary) to be in future efforts to support active duty Coast Guard?
To answer the question presented the ADSO will generate a comprehensive Gap Analysis Report (GAR).  Our GAR will be forwarded to the District Executive Committee for final approval and then to the Q-Directorate, which will consolidate all District GARs for presentation to the Auxiliary National Executive Committee.
The GAR will address: 
A)  USCG Commander’s input (wants) as to where Auxiliary assets may assist and “back fill” with day-to-day normal operations, including a comprehensive qualifications review & training plan (If necessary) to meet the identified needs;  
B)  In the event of a large-scale ICS Incident Management Team activation the Auxiliary Sectors multi-day deployment capabilities.  Including readiness of: surface; air; communications assets/crew as well as other personnel with specialized ICS performance qualifications.
Those Auxiliary members interested in being considered for vacant ADSO positions are requested to send by 1800 hrs on 27 February 2015, their resumes via email to
Bill Hanlon, USCG Auxiliary 38
Auxiliary District Coordinator-ICS;
DSO-Incident Management:
USCG Lead ICS Instructor.