Member Training

TCT (Team Coordination Training) Reminder

  In the future we will try to “network” all of our training missions as much as possible for the benefit of our shipmates in Division 9.

When sending the SO-MT notifications of training opportunities for your shipmates, please specify location, dates, times, and specific types of training being offered.

One additional comment before getting started here.  There is a difference between a qualification and certification.  A member becomes initially qualified to perform a particular mission when they first fulfill the requirements for that particular qualification.  The qualification requirements will vary from one to the next, and some are more demanding than others.  Part of the qualification process for any mission is to know the certification requirements for the mission.

Once qualified you become certified to perform under your particular qualification for the rest of that year.  Your certification terminates at the end of that calendar year.  You must then recertify your qualification each year.  Normally you will have to recertify by the end of each calendar year, but this is not always true.  For example, Coxswains must recertify their Nav Rules Exam every 5 years on their anniversary date from the last exam.   In any case, if you like the work that you are doing in your qualification, you should strive to recertify your qualification as early as possible.  The certification rules are true not just for us in the AUX, they also apply to the AD (Active Duty) and the Reserves.

Many times there are comments like “Nobody warned (or told me) me that I needed to do _________________to maintain my qualifications as a ___________”.    As stated above, one of the requirements to become qualified in any program within the Coast Guard is to know what you will need to do to stay certified in the particular program.  Therefore each member is responsible for his/her own certifications.  When in doubt……check with your mentor, or your FSO-MT.

Now let’s discuss TCT requirements here. 

Presently we have the following TCT sessions available to us:

1 Hour Refresher.
This is an annual minimum requirement for the AUX boat crew program. 
All members qualified in the AUX Boat Crew Program at any level must take this refresher each year.  However, every AUX BC (boat crew program) member will have to take every 5 years a 4 hour refresher.  The 4 hour refresher satisfies the 1 hour TCT requirement for that particular year.

4 hour refresher (Aux every 5 years)
Bi-annual 8 hour refresher (Aux with Coast Guard qualifications)

16 hour initial (Aux with Coast Guard qualifications)

To qualify for a Coast Guard (not AUX) qualification, a candidate must first take an initial 16 hour TCT session over two separate days.  This requirement is a one-time only requirement.  After that you must take an 8 hour refresher every other year.

For clarification purposes and your information, some examples of Coast Guard qualifications would be:

QE (Qualified Examiner)
Marine Safety Unit work

Communications Watch Stander (Coast Guard units only)
USCG Standard Boat Crew or Engineers

OOD (Officer of the Day)

FS (Food Service)