Auxiliary Food Service

All AUXFSs must attend a 4-hour (formerly 8-hour) TCT course every other year.  Once you complete this requirement, you MUST send information (class roster or AUXDATA training record) to the D7 DSO-FS as a record of your compliance.  The 2 years is based on when you last took the 4-hour/8-hour TCT and NOT from the date you were certified as AUXFS.  The date of your TCT was noted on your PQSs that were originally submitted and that is the date you must use to schedule your next 4-hour TCT.  Also, you must complete a 1-hour TCT refresher class every year you do not do the 4-hour TCT.  Again, submit attendance to D7 DSO-FS for entry into your records. In 2017 ADSO-FSs will begin tracking AUXFS compliance for AUXFSs in their AOR to maintain standards.

If you do not complete these requirements, you will not be eligible for assignment as an AUXFS at any Coast Guard unit including small boat stations, sectors or cutters. Anyone who does not comply and is doing AUXFS work at a CG unit will be required to cease activity until the requirement is completed.  Failure to adhere to this could result in revocation of your AUXFS certification

As a reminder, do not forget to get your 2nd Hepatitis-A booster and send paperwork to the D7 DSO-FS for your file.  The 2nd shot is done 6 months to one year from the initial inoculation

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All AUXFSs must complete their mandatory classes or they will not be eligible for AUXFS assignment to any Coast Guard unit including cutters.

For more information click here to visit U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District 7 AuxFS web page.