Information about loging in to the Auxiliary web site

Help Logging in to the Auxiliary Web Site

For a normal login, you should see two boxes in the "Member Zone", "Member ID" and "Password". Input your info and press Enter. If you have previously logged in, your info may already be there, so you can just press Enter. If you are successfully logged in, you should see "You are logged in as:" with your name below.


If you do not see the boxes:

Solution 1- if you have previously logged in, press the Enter key, your info may already be there.
Solution 2- click on the "Members" link in the menu above.
Solution 3- click above the box and use your "Tab" key to "Tab" into those boxes.


If you are seeing all of the info but it seems like your password is not correct.
You can get a new password by clicking on Create New Password


If you need further help, please Contact Us