Commander's Corner

Hurricane season has arrived again and with it the need to prepare. If you live in Florida during this time of year, your county government website offers good advice on awareness, preparation, shelter and evacuation procedures.
The United States Coast Guard has a firm policy for both active duty and auxiliary. In the event of a storm, we must account for every member within 24 hours of the event.

To make this possible, we need you to provide accurate and current contact information. Please be sure the address, phone and email information in AuxDirectory are correct. You can easily change your own contact data by opening your personal page. You will see a red box in the center of the page. Just below it is a box marked “Correct the Above Information (7028 Webform). Click this box and make your changes.

It is easy to get into AuxDirectory if your email in the system is correct. If you do not remember your password, click on the line “Obtain or Change Password.”
If your email is not current and you do not remember your password, or you need assistance making changes, please contact our FSO-IS, Jason Riffle, at

If your residence of record is here in Florida, but you are going to be away for all or part of the hurricane season, even for a trip of a few days, please let us know when and where you are going and how we can reach you.
After a storm, someone from the Flotilla will contact you to find out where you are currently staying and to confirm that you and your family are out of danger and not in need of assistance.

You are part of the Coast Guard family – stay safe.