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Flotilla 56
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Public Education
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Descriptions of Currently Available Programs 

About Boating Safely  An excellent one day program for boaters new to boating and want to get their feet wet, so to speak, and for boaters with lots of experience, but want a refresher. Our members -- with knowledge and experience in local waters -- will provide you with what you'll need for safe and enjoyable boating in our river and offshore.
 GPS For Mariners Introduces the Global Positioning System to boaters eager to use the latest in navigation to safely find their way around the water.  This program will explain the GPS system and help you get more out of your unit.



This program examines the practical aspects of lines, rope, knots and their usage.  It covers subjects such as: How Rope is Made; Different types of Rope and Its Applications; Use and Care of Rope; Knots, Bends and Hitches; and Splices, splicing and Whipping.
 Suddenly In Command The captain becomes incapacitated or falls overboard; or you purchase a new boast and step aboard for the first time, now you are Suddenly in Command.   Designed for those not generally at the helm, this boating safety primer is designed to help you "be prepared" with the basics in case of an emergency.
 Your Boat's Radio An introduction to marine radios and their operation, this program examines the types and functions of radios used on boats.   Topics include: types and purposes of radios, licenses, operation and procedures, special purpose channels, rules and regulations, emergencies and distress situations.  A must for new boaters, a refresher for old boaters.

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