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Flotilla Officers
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AUX Line
FC Mark Cannon FC - Flotilla Commander 
FC Pennant
 The Flotilla Commander, FC, is the leader and commanding officer of the flotilla.  He is responsible for the overall operation of the flotilla.  His duties include the co-ordination and dissemination of information between flotilla members and the Director of the Auxiliary through interaction on Division and District levels.  He works closely with the Vice Flotilla Commander to maintain a smooth and efficient operation of the flotilla.  
Mark Cannon
VFC  VFC - Vice Flotilla Commander 
VFC Pennant 
 The Vice Flotilla Commander, VFC, assumes the leadership role of the flotilla in the absence of the Flotilla Commander.  Flotilla Staff Officers report to the VFC  who then reports to the Flotilla Commander.  The VFC ,along with the Flotilla Commander, organizes and presides at the monthly staff officer and member meetings and attends Division and District meetings as a  representatives of the flotilla.
Paul Harmon
 IPFC Immediate Past Flotilla Commander 
  The  Immediate Past Flotilla Commander stands by and will fill in for the Flotilla Commander and the Vice Flotilla Commander  in the event of the absence of both the FC and VFC at a flotilla function.   He may also assume temporary duties or perform special functiions as he might be called upon for by the Flotilla Commander. 

Tommy Augustsson

 FSO-AN Agnes Mical FSO-AN - Navigation Systems
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-NS organizes the flotilla's efforts to monitor the various Federal, State and Private aids to navigation along the waterways of the flotilla's Area of Operation.   These Aids to Navigation (ATONs) are vital the the safe navigation by mariners of our waterways.  BY periodic reports to the Coast Guard and local authorities, the flotilla continues in its role of helping to insure safety to the boating public.
Agnes Mical
 FSO-CM Mark Cannon FSO-CM - Communications
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-CM  is responsible for all matters pertaining to flotilla communications operations and training.   The FSO-CM develops communication plans to support all flotilla missions and emergency plans.  Included in these duties is the development and maintenance of an up-to-date emergency "calling tree" for contacting members and working with the Coast Guard to provide qualified Auxiliary  communications watch standers when requested.

Mark Cannon 

 FSO-CS William Jewett FSO-CS - Communication Services
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-CS is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of all electronic communication services and media for the flotilla.  Among the duties is the creation and maintenance of the flotilla website in compliance with Auxiliary web policies.  The FSO-CM with will closely with the FSO-PE and FSO-PB to assure that electronic and printed media are used to their fullest extent  in providing information for the members and the boating public

William Jewett

FSO-FN James Wisner  FSO-FN - Finance
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-FN is responsible for the finances of the flotilla.  This person  maintains the flotilla banks accounts and reports monthly on the income and expenditures of the flotilla.   Additional duties include the collection of membership dues, payment of bills and the filing of the annual tax return.
James Wisner
 FSO-IS William Jewett
FSO-IS - Information Services
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-IN is the keeper of the records and files of all of the data generated by flotilla activities in AUXDATA which give the members and the flotilla unit credit for their activities as Auxiliarists.  As the data is received from the members, it is entered into the AUXDATA system and then recorded along with the activities of all other Auxiliarists nation wide.
William Jewett
FSO-MA Bob Stickle FSO-MA - Materials
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-MA is responsible for the procurement of materials, including stationary, forms and publications.  Working closely with the other FSOs, the FSO-MA keeps them supplied with materials that they will need to effectively complete their required duties.  Additional duties include keeping members appraised of changes and updates to publications and  forms.
Bob Stickle
FSO-MS Sandra Theil FSO-MS - Marine Safety and Environmental Protection
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-MS is responsible for the Marine Safety Program mandated by the Coast Guard.  While still new and undergoing development at this time, the program includes monitoring the navigable waterways for pollution and other safety factors and the training of auxiliary members in these matters. 
Sandra Thiel
FSO-MT Frans Eyberse  FSO-MT - Member Training
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-MT supervises and is responsible for the member training program for the flotilla.  Working with other flotilla FSO's, the FSO-MT monitors and assures the training of members for the various qualifications required for Vessel Examiners, Crew Members, Air Operations, Instructors and specialty Auxiliary courses.  The FSO-MT also assists the FSO-IS with the maintenance of member qualification records.
Frans Eyberse
FSO-OPS Rich Steinbach  FSO-OP - Operations
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-OP coordinates and directs the flotilla's Boating Safety Patrols on the water and in the air. Working closely with the Coast Guard, the operations unit effectively increases the ability of the Coast Guard to provide for search-and -rescue missions in times of emergencies and need.  Working closely with the FSO-MT, the FSO-OP oversees the training and requalification of members necessary for annual recertification as crew.
Rich Steinbach 
 FSO-PA Photo Unavailable FSO-PA - Public Affairs
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-PA is responsible for the release of information to the public about the activities of  the Auxiliary and local Coast Guard units.  Using various media (newspapers, radio, television and printed matter), the FSO-PA keeps the communities in our operational area aware of boating events and other happenings of the flotilla.  Other duties include announcements and advertising of Public Education classes to be held by the Auxiliary.
T_Pring Ascencio
Photo Unavailable FSO-PB - Publications
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-PB is the Designer, Editor and Publisher of the flotilla newsletter.   By keeping in touch with other members, the FSO-PB gathers newsworthy information about past and future happenings of the flotilla and disseminates that information in the form of a periodic newsletter to all members of the flotilla.  Working closely with the FSO-CS, the FSO-PB also helps to maintain and provide updates to information to be published on the flotilla website.
 FSO-PE Michael Croteau FSO-PE - Public Education
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-PE organizes and conducts the various boating courses that are offered by the Auxiliary throughout the year.  This person is responsible for coordinating the locations, materials and instructors need to present these classes to the general public.  By offering these courses, the FSO-PE leads the Auxiliary in the completion of its mission of bringing Boating Education and Safety to our waterways.
Michael Croteau
 FSO-HR Fred Coombs FSO-HR - Human Resources
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-PS is the leader of the recruitment and retention program of the flotilla membership.  This person is responsible for "getting the word out" to potential members about the enjoyment and benefits of auxiliary membership.  The FSO-PS compiles and maintains personnel records and guides new members through the process of becoming flotilla members.   By developing and implementing programs of interest to members, the FSO-PS also assists in the retention of current members.
Fred Combs
 FSO-PV Susan Steinbach FSO-PV - Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Program
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-RBSVP organizes the delivery of pamphlets and other printed materials to various organizational outlets.  These outlets may include marine dealers, government facilities or other commercial outlets that are willing to display and hand out Auxiliary materials about boating education and safety.

Susan Steinbach 

FSO-SR Donna Spang FSO-SR - Secretary Records
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-SR is responsible for recording and publication of the Minutes of Record of flotilla meetings.  This person will also maintain a record of flotilla officers, committee assignments and appointments which may be made by the FC.  Other duties include the maintenance of historical and administrative records as to ensure the continuity of the flotilla administration.
Donna Spang
 FSO-VE Sandra Thiel FSO-VE - Vessel Examination
FSO Pennant
 The FSO-VE is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the flotilla in implementing the Auxiliary's Vessel Safety Check program.   The FSO-VE schedules the location and times of conducting the courtesy marine examinations and arranges for qualified auxiliarists to be present to perform the exams. 
Sandra Thiel
 Air Ops Liason Tommy Augustsson
Aviation Liason 
 The Aviation Laison is responsible for coordinating and maintains flotilla involvement in the CG Auxiliary AUXAIR program..     AUXAIR aviators volunteer their time and aircraft for use in Coast Guard air operations, just as surface auxiliarists volunteer time and facilitiaes in Coast Guard marine operation.
Tommy Augustsson

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