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Diversity Starts Within Our Flotilla

 Diversity 101 

Diversity is a concept to improve organizational effectiveness by recognizing and capitalizing on the diverse population of our Flotilla. 

Diversity is about acknowledging differences and adapting practices to create an inclusive environment in which diverse skills, perspectives and backgrounds are valued. It is not about quotas or affirmative action. It means understanding that each individual is unique,and recognizing our individual differences that are shaped by a variety of characteristics including: age, ethnicity, gender, disability, language, religious beliefs, life stages, education, career, sexual orientation, personality and marital status.  

Diversity means accepting, welcoming and valuing the differences inherent in every individual and recognizing the contribution that a diverse membership can make to our organizational
effectiveness and operational performance within Flotilla 56.  

To practice Diversity:  

Begin with an open attitude. 

Understand your own cultural filters. 

Increase your awareness of others’ perspectives. 

Look for commonalities with others. 

Develop and practice effective communication skills.

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