Go to the Online Notification System to submit your assignment to duty > HERE

                  Note: You will need a Username(member ID #) and Member Zone Password                                       to submit your Assignment to Duty.

                  Go HERE for more information on obtaining a Member Zone Password. 



                                    Explanation of Assignment to Duty

       For those activities without written orders it is the responsibility of the Auxiliary
 leadership to assure each qualified member have proper assignment to duty that is properly   documented. In most cases, for those activities not covered by Coast Guard orders, verbal assignment to duty or an email assignment to duty is sufficient. In the case of verbal assignment to duty it is the responsibility of the assigning officer to document that assignment.

      It is recommended that members with access to the Division 6 website use the
Online Notification System to submit their Assignment to Duty information so that both
the Auxiliary member and assigning officer will automatically have the properly
documented Assignment to Duty.

     What this means is that before a member goes out to do VEs, Program Visits, or any
Coast Guard non-ordered activity the member can now submit their Assignment to Duty with the Division 6 Online Notification System. This does not preclude a member from calling or Email their appropriate leadership or the responsible program staff officer and request an assignment to duty.

     The date, time and location of the activity, operational activity type(VE, PV ...), and participating member name(s)s and Auxiliary member numbers(s) should be included.
Note: The Online Notification System will E-mail the assigning officer chosen, and
send the Auxiliary member a receipt of the Assignment to Duty information entered. 




Submit this form to the approrpiate Flotilla Staff Officer, Flotilla Vice Commander, or Flotilla Commander to notify him/her of your intentions of performing Coast Guard Auxiliary duties. This form meets the requirements for unit-level notification as defined in COMDTINST M16790.1 (series), Chapter 5, Section J.6.a. This notification will be kept on file as record of your intentions. A receipt will be emailed to you and the staff officer you select. As a reminder, submitting this form does not guarantee liability coverage.

Member Name -
Member ID -
Member email address -

DUTY DESCRIPTION Select the type of duty you intend to perform. You will see the appropriate staff officer to notify after each duty listed. Please note that this does not supersede orders but may be used to supplement drive to/from patrols or other ordered duties.

Duty or Activity *

AOM Orders Requested?

START/END DATE AND TIMES Include your drive to and from the duty assignment.

Start of Mission Day Year at Hour at Minute

End of Mission End Date Day Year at Hour at Minute

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