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The Missing Diver Form was developed to shorten the time needed to initiate a search rescue mission (SAR). While it may appear that the need for the information is obvious, the circumstances under which divers become missing often occur under less than ideal conditions. These conditions can result in stress or loss of focus for personnel involved in the search and other individuals or vessels anxious to help. 

 The information in the MISSING DIVER INFORMATION section will facilitate a rescue attempt especially if it can be gathered prior the initial call for assistance. Last location and time of entry into the water will be of immediate use to SAR personnel.

REPORTING VESSEL information will be useful especially if the vessel is on scene and has rescue equipment and emergency equipment on board. Identify the most efficient way of communicating with the reporting vessel so that personnel on board can be contacted if more information relevant to the missing divers is needed.

Once the divers are located FOUND DIVER information is vital to the welfare of the divers. Because the divers may have been subjected to stressful conditions, rules for safe diving may have been ignored or not followed. Decompression sickness or the Bends is a real possibility even under the best of conditions. Do not anticipate that symptoms listed in the first five lines will be dramatic or obvious to an observer following a rescue and recovery of the divers. If any of the symptoms are observed or reported, the diver is at risk of serious injury or death. Report any symptoms to authorities by calling 911. If uncertain about the response to your report, call 1-919-684-9111. It is the number for the Divers Alert Network (DAN) and will put you in direct contact with medical personnel experienced in dealing with medical problems resulting from diving accidents seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

ASSISTING FACILITY INFORMATION Use this information to determine the extent to which you can assist in a SAR operation.

This report form is most useful in tropical waters and in currents of three knots or less. If you operate in cold water, dark water, rivers with currents or with cave divers, ice divers or at high altitudes you will need to alter the form for use in those conditions.

The form is offered for use by anyone. Changes can be made to suit the needs of the user. Any resemblance of this form to forms already in use is unintentional.



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