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McVey House was named after J. H. (Jack) McVey, the first Commander of the Temporary Reserve Unit Flotilla 2, Division 2.  Flotilla 2 was commissioned on Dec. 13, 1941, six days after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Sixty-one members of this unit patrolled the beaches and offshore area from Boynton Beach to Hallandale protecting South Florida during WWII. USCG Base 6 and its predecessor the House of Refuge have rich histories of use during WW II and prohibition eras. Unfortunately, there is no monument or remembrance to the bravery of the USCG members during these times.

McVey House is the last vestige of Base 6 and the House of Refuge.The flotilla originally met in area known as the “Battery Shop” on USCG Base 6 (currently Bahia Mar and Ft. Lauderdale beach).  After the relocation of Port Everglades to its current location, USCG Base 6 was no longer needed. The USCG sold the old Base 6 to the City of Fort Lauderdale in 1947 with the provision that the corner of the property would be retained for use by the USCG. Subsequently the City allowed the development of old Base 6 to become Bahia Mar. The developer built an addition to the old battery house in 1950 which is now known as McVey House and was leased to the Flotilla. (see photos below)

Preserving and maintaining McVey House for the future requires help from many sources and efforts are underway to secure the needed long-term funding. Today, McVey House continues as an asset to USCG and the Dept. of Home Land Security.  It is available for meetings, training, radio watch standing and conferences.  Flotilla 3-2 maintains the building and schedules its use.

Commissioned Plaque                              1950 McVey House