Meeting Synopsis

 -Synopsis of Flotilla 27 Meeting 9 December 2014-

The meeting was called to order at 19:06 by John and a legal quorum was determined. David led the pledge of allegiance. Due to the winter period of inactivity, few reports were given. Jan gave an MT report and Wendy gave the financial report. Rene reported that all forms that he had were entered into AUXDATA. He also requested that all members get their reports into him to input prior to 31DEC. John gave a listing of those who are missing items that would cause them to go into REYR. David also mentioned that the Flotilla needs to get busy on the mandated training. Webinars and computer based instruction are available to assist members to complete the training. David brought up several things about the upcoming COW. It will start at 1000 hrs and after a short meeting, lunch will be served. Invitations to the Flotilla will be emailed soon. Potluck dishes, hamburgers and hotdawgs will be the fare. David asked those Flotilla officers present if they would continue in their present job next year. John said that he sent the paperwork for Daniel Varga to Keith Nelson to forward on to DIRAUX. Hopefully Daniel will have his member number within a couple of weeks. John mentioned that we are losing Rick Bogden. He has accepted a position back in Arizona, from whence he came. He will be sorely missed and the Flotilla wishes him all the best in his future endeavor. Boyd said that when he gets his axle on his boat trailer, he will bring his boat up from Florida to become a facility at Lake Tobesofkee. Boyd asked if any follow-up had transpired on the Macon Boat Club which had asked us to attend a meeting to schedule a VSC Blitz at Sinclair. Harry plans to go to the next meeting and John agreed to go with him. John also mentioned that effort will be made to establish an Auxiliary University Program (AUXUP) at one of the Milledgeville Colleges. An initial meeting will occur early next year. We are still trying to determine what night to hold the Flotilla meetings next year. Further discussion will be held at the COW. No other old or new business was discussed. The meeting concluded at 1957.
Jan introduced the member training this evening as a continuing examination of the opportunities for service in the Auxiliary—Auxiliary Air Program and Watchstanding. Rene described the aviation program and ran through the various levels and requirements: Air Observer, Air Crew, Co-Pilot, Pilot, and Commander. This stirred some interest by Boyd who happens to have a plane and is an experienced pilot. Both agreed to follow-up to get Boyd into the aviation program. After Rene finished the aviation program, Jan covered Coast Guard Station and Auxiliary Watchstanding, Telecommunications Operator (TCO) course requirements and the reasons to become qualified as a TCO. Both Jan and John are TCO qualified and David and Wendy are closed to becoming qualified. Jan asked Boyd how close he was to becoming AUXOP. John said he would look in AUXDATA to find out. No other questions or answers were forthcoming so the training was ended.
Respectfully summited,
John Sprague-Williams, FC


- Synopsis of Flotilla Meeting November 14, 2014-

The meeting was called to order at 1935 with a quorum determined. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Due to the Flotilla’s inactivity the past month, no reports were given. Minutes from last meeting were approved. No guests were present. David Kisner for FC and Bryan Fobbus for VFC were the only two candidates for the election. Nominations from the floor were called three times but none emerged. John requested that the FSO-SR record one vote for each. Each is to be congratulated for taking on this added responsibility; both will require our help to make this flotilla a success.
John mentioned that we should all check our ID cards for expiration and to submit a photo with red background along with vitals if the date is close. (If you do not have a red background, Jan will add it to your photo.) Remember to check the flotilla website often. Gardner regularly posts the monthly minutes and new pictures. Add the URL to your book marks.
Discussion ensued about a new meeting place, as many of our newer members are from the Macon area. David will be looking for a place. Boyd recommended a sports bar which has a back room for meetings. Wendy will make contact. Jan added that the meeting place should have available WiFi to allow us to continue to utilize WebEx for those who can’t travel. Tuesday evening seems to be the best day and time to maintain for meetings.
David proposed to hold the COW on January 24th at 1300 at the Sprague-Williams Boat Barn on Lake Sinclair. A brief meeting will precede the luncheon. Flotilla Members are asked bring a covered dish. Tom B. will cook the meat, and John will make his “world famous” chili.
Congratulations to Zach O’Bryan on him becoming a Vessel Examiner. He is working on his cox’n PQSs.
With no Old or New Business to discuss, we went to Member Training session: Opportunities for Service in specialized Auxiliary programs. Tom B. offered information about the AUXFS program, it’s requirements and responsibilities. Wendy and David explained Assistant Lighthouse Keepers and Boston Light, the pre-requisites, responsibilities and rewards. They also commented on a few lighter moments while at Boston Light.
Adjourned at 2040
John Sprague-Williams, FC


- Synopsis of Flotilla Meeting October 14, 2014-

The meeting was called to order at 1938 and a quorum was established. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by FC John Sprague-Williams. The minutes from last meeting were approved and the reports were given.
Harry Beardsley suggested that we meet with members of the Macon Motorboat Club to investigate a PE class to be held at their clubhouse. Also to establish a time and place for their VSC blitz. John said that he would be glad to attend a meeting to find out if there is any interest. Also we want to start a AUXUP (Auxiliary University Program at either Georgia College and State University or John Milledge Academy or both. After the first of the year, we will investigate this further.
John said that there are two couples interested in joining our flotilla, one couple to transfer from NC. Also there is an advanced EMT and firefighter who expressed interest in the auxiliary. Since the flotilla operations are still viable, anyone that needs operational hours should contact Bryan to see if he and Rick would run patrols on Lake Tobesofkee. As Jan & I are going to be in Illinois until after January 1st , we will be taking a hiatus on operations until then.
John congratulated everyone on their hard work for the division meeting. Everyone needs to give themselves a pat on the back for their part in the success of the meeting and the lunch afterward. Tom Brender, Rhonda Goodroe as our resident AUXCHEFs and Wendy as the “chef de cuisine dans la formation” did a marvelous job in preparing and serving the lunch.
Next meeting will be our election for FC and VFC. We only have one candidate for each. David Kisner for FC and Bryan Fobbus, VFC. Nominations for each positions will be taken from the floor. If you are interested and can meet the qualifications, please get someone to nominate you from the floor. Let’s all make a concerted effort to participate in the meeting and the election.
Member training was conducted by Jan on FORMS after the meeting adjourned. This is one session that we all needed and then to get all of our forms in to IS on time. Hours are what the Coast Guard uses to gauge our value and fund us accordingly. We all spend so many hours that go unrecorded and therefore unrecognized.
Respectfully submitted,
John Sprague-Williams, FC


 -Synopsis of Flotilla Meeting September 9, 2014-

 Synopsis of Flotilla Meeting9-7-14 The meeting was called to order at 1938 and a quorum was established.  John- FC &MS; Jan-MT; David- VFC - AN; Wendy- FN; Boyd- OP; Gardner- CS; Jose- DV; Tom B.-PA; Kim- SR were present - 4 AX & 5 BQVFC Kisner led the flotilla in the pledge of allegiance.  After the pledge, VFC Kisner called for reports: Boyd gave the OPs report; John gave the MS report; Jan gave the MT report; Wendy gave the FN reports.   Significant discussion ensued about Web Ex and the possibility that Division might no longer be the only funding resource this year.  John mentioned that he said 27 would contribute an amount considering that other flotillas or the district help.  Boyd mentioned that the company “Logmeon”had a much superior product.  John said that he would investigate the company for the flotilla’s purposes.  A motion was made to allow John to expend funds necessary to try out the process.  MSC.  We also discussed the upcoming division meeting(October 4 at Claystone Pavilion – Lake Tobesofkee)  Tom B. will  be the resident AUXCHEF  and   be  responsible  for  preparing  the  lunch.   The  meeting  will  start promptly at 1000 with refreshments starting at 0930.  John requested that we all make a concerted effort to participate in this meeting and that we will need help inset-up and clean-up.   John also mentioned that significant work had been done on the flotilla website by Gardner and that we should all check it out.  Any one that has material, pictures or what should send it to Gardner for inclusion on the website.  All7029s should be turned into Rene ASAP.  We want to show the division and the district the hard work we do in the flotilla and by turning in the hours we spend (on the 7029) is one way to do just that.  No reports from AN, PA, DV, VE, PV.Meeting was adjourned at 2043Member Training tonight was a truly life-saving event.  “How to properly use a throw bag”.  Three videos and comments by Jan proved to be most enlightening.  Things we should all should be able to do and what we need to practice.  Jan will provide the urls for the videos.


-Synopsis of Flotilla Meeting August 12, 2014-

The meeting was called to order and a quorum was determined.  David Kisner led the Pledge of Allegiance Laurette Snyder was introduced as a guest.  Laurette was an auxiliary member transferred from Texas but had to resign due to her husband’s health.  She said that she would like to “drop in” on our meetings from time to time and would do anything she could to help the auxiliary from her home.    Reports were  given.  John  gave  the  operations  report  for  Boyd.   Jan  gave  the  member training report.  Kim said that she needed each flotilla staff officer to email her their monthly report, even if you have nothing to report, you could write what you plan to do in the coming month.   Nothing to report from NS, DV, MS, FN, VE, PV.  John said that training patrols were scheduled for August 16 and 23 for Sinclair and August 24for Tobesofkee.  Any one desirous of participating in these, please email John.  John also mentioned that the October 4 division meeting is hosted by our flotilla to beheld at Lake Tobesofkee Pavilion.  Tom Brender, AUXCHEF (FS) extraordinaire, will prepare  a  culinary  delight  for  lunch.   The  meeting  will  start  at  10:30  am with member  training  to  follow lunch.   John  urged all  member  to  please  attend  the meeting in support of the flotilla. More will follow on the Division meeting. Jan gave the member training on a refresher for correcting and un-correcting compasses,what causes variation and how to calculate it, what causes deviation and how to minimize it.   She also covered Speed, time and distance calculations (60D Street).Members present: Jan, John, David, Wendy, Nancy, Jose, Rick, Kim, Zach, & Laurette(ex officio)John Sprague-Williams, FC