Flotilla 22 Press Releases

 Flotilla 22 Protects and Educates Allatoona Boaters

By Greg Fonzeno, Public Affairs Staff Officer, District 7, Division 2, Flotilla 2, USCG Auxiliary, as published in Around Acworth, October, 2017)

If you have spent time on Lake Allatoona, or any of our area lakes, you may have passed a vessel with a sign on it that reads, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Patrol.   Maybe while shopping at Academy Sports, Cabela’s, the sporting-goods department of WalMart, or a local marine retailer, you’ve picked up pamphlets or brochures about boating safety, proper use of life jackets, or navigation aids.  While attending the Wakeboard National Championships in Acworth, you may have walked past the Coast Guard Auxiliary information booth.  Perhaps you’ve considered taking a boating safety class, or getting a safety check of your boat.  Members of your local U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary provide the information and perform all of these activities, and many more.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of the U.S. Coast Guard, with 78 years of service.  Congress formed the Coast Guard Auxiliary in 1939.  When America entered World War II, about 55,000 volunteer Auxiliary members joined the war effort guarding waterfronts.  They performed coastal picket patrols, including watching for enemy submarines and rescuing survivors from torpedoed and other boats. 

Today, over 30,000 men and women in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteer millions of unpaid hours each year.  They are trained to standards set by the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard and assist in the performance of any Coast Guard function, duty, mission, or operation authorized, with the exception of direct military duty and law enforcement.  Coast Guard Auxiliary missions include safety patrols on waterways, teaching boating safety classes, conducting free courtesy vessel safety checks, search and rescue, disaster training, pollution response, commercial fishing vessel inspections, radio watchstanding, flight patrols with AUXAIR units, assisting the Coast Guard in various mobilization exercises, even cooking at Coast Guard stations and on Coast Guard cutters, and any mission as directed by the Commandant of the Coast Guard. 

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has members in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam.  Members include former and current members representing all of the armed forces.  Membership is open to U.S. citizens, 17 years of age or older.  There is no upper-age limit.  A personal security investigation will be processed as part of enrollment due to the security nature of working with the Coast Guard.  

Lake Allatoona’s local Coast Guard Auxiliary unit (Flotilla 22) has had a very busy year.  Members of Flotilla 22 have thus far performed over 930 vessel safety checks, 570 retail program visitations, conducted nine boating safety classes educating nearly 100 local boaters, conducted 215 hours of on-the-water safety patrols, and participated in 51 hours of training.

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Kennesaw GA, December 15, 2013- Kennesaw State University (KSU) is the 14th institution to join the growing list of elite American schools of higher learning that are offering students an opportunity to intern with the United States Coast Guard through its Auxiliary. The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary’s first units on college campuses took root in 2007 at Auburn University, The Citadel, and The College of William and Mary. The school’s Auxiliary Units merged to form Auxiliary University Program (AUP) .

Coast Guard Auxiliarist Luis Cribeiro, Auxiliary University Program University Officer (UO), was instrumental in getting the program started at KSU. Cribeiro’s vision and dedication along with founding AUP members Zachary Drake and Patrick Hughes were enough to convince KSU that the program will be extremely valuable to KSU students. Commenting on the successful chartering of the AUP program at KSU, Mr. Cribeiro stated “Having such powerful and successful program available for the students at KSU will not only benefit the Coast Guard but more importantly, it gives the students of KSU an unprecedented opportunity to learn and serve.” Zachery Drake, Unit Leader of the AUP at KSU added “I have been looking for such an opportunity to enhance my education and we are lucky that the Coast Guard picked KSU”

Students who join the KSU program can complete a four-year program of study focused on basic Coast Guard Auxiliary knowledge, operational proficiency, and leadership.  Students entering in 2013 will graduate with coursework in Seamanship, Weather, Communications, Incident Management and an elective specialty of their choice, all part of Maritime Leadership Capstone.  The capstone course integrates coursework, knowledge, skills and experiential learning to enable the student to demonstrate a broad mastery of learning across the curriculum. Students can choose to qualify as an Air Observer, Boat Crew, Vessel Examiner, Public Affairs Specialist, Telecommunications Operator, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Specialist, as well as other skilled positions. 

To complete the program, undergraduate students focus on Coast Guard and seamanship fundamentals in the basic instruction block and then develop operational skills through the rest of the program, finishing with a maritime leadership capstone that is well matched to the developing professional interests of seniors. Undergraduate students may also take on small unit leadership roles, and are responsible for mentoring their less experienced shipmates.

Graduate students focus on Coast Guard and seamanship fundamentals in the basic block, and then pair a maritime leadership capstone to the unique interests of their graduate level degree program and professional aspirations. Many graduate students will also serve as officers and mentors to their undergraduate shipmates 

Students, Professors, and AUP-affiliated personnel bring tremendous strategic value to the Coast Guard and Auxiliary.  Students intern, research, and develop serving alongside the Coast Guard’s active military and civilian personnel, completing work focused on topics as diverse as business operations, citizen action networks, information technology, geographic information systems, policy and law, marine environmental response, and maritime strategy.

In conclusion, founding member Patrick Hughes remarked  “One of the questions we get concerning the AUP program is whether you are signing up for military service, and the answer is No. The AUP is part of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and is completely voluntary with no commitment beyond the AUP requirements”


Little River Marina Makes Donation to Flotilla 22

August 29th- Lake Allatoona –Flotilla 22, received donation of $500.00 from Honu Stand Up Paddle, High Country Outfitters, and Little River Marina for their support of the Little River Toona Challenge.

Flotilaa 22 provided a safety patrol during the Little River Toona Challenge. The event, a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) race, drew the top southeast SUP racers and their families to Little River Marina on Sunday, August 4th.  The Patrol ensured that the event was safe as possible for the racers and boaters. Event organizer Kim Hillhouse of Honu Stand Up Paddle praised Flotilla 22 for their support. “I can't thank you enough for coming out and ensuring the safety of all the paddleboarders at the Little River Toona Challenge SUP Race and Festival,” she  said.  “We had rough wind conditions and later, boat traffic.  Knowing that you were out there, looking after the racers, put my mind at ease and allowed me to concentrate on the land-based activities.”

Flotilla 22 Commander Jim Farley added, “With Honu teaching people to paddleboard, Bubba Sloan and High country outfitters providing state of the art paddleboards, plus Little River Marina ensuring that they have a safe area in which to race, the Coast Guard Auxiliary was free to focus on our primary mission: Recreational Boating Safety.” The $500 donation will help support recreational boating safety and outreach.

From left to right, Flotilla 22 Commander Jim Farley, Kim Hillhouse of Honu Stand Up Paddle), Ira Smith (Little River Marina), Vice Commander Flotilla 22, Larry Cook,. Photo by Auxiliarist Donna Saunders

Coast Guard Auxiliary Recognizes Park Marina at Allatoona Lake

Lake Allatoona, July, 6, 2013- The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 22, based on Allatoona Lake, is proud to honor Park Marina for their continued commitment to Recreational Boater Safety by presenting the Marina with a Certificate of Appreciation. As a Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) Program Partner, a business that displays safe boating literature, Park Marina has not only helped the Coast Guard Auxiliary get important recreational boating information into the hands of the boating community, they also went above and beyond the basic requirements for a Program Partner by having the Coast Guard Auxiliary perform Vessel Inspections on their rental fleet.

During the presentation ceremony, Flotilla Staff Officer – Program Visits Luis Cribeiro stated “This is the first time that a rental fleet at Lake Allatoona has been inspected and safety decals issued to 100% of their vessels” Each Vessel Inspection Decal signifies that the vessel displaying the decal has been inspected and is in full compliance with all Federal and State boating laws.

Flotilla Staff Officer – Vessel Examinations Paul Grenier added “The staff of Park Marina proved their comment to safety by their quick response to any issue, no matter how small, that was required for a vessel to pass the inspection.”

Flotilla 22 Commander, Jim Farley concluded the presentation ceremony by reminding everyone in attendance that “Without partners like Park Marina, the Coast Guard Auxiliary would not be able to reach as many boaters with our safety programs as we do.”

Flotilla 22 Presents Park Marina with a Certificate of Appreciation for their work and dedication to Recreational Boating Safety. From Left to Right: Flotilla 22 Commander Jim Farley, Ross Osborne General Manager of Park Marina, Andrew Cain Assistant Manager Park Marina, Flotilla Staff Officer Program Visits Luis Cribeiro and Flotilla Staff Officer – Vessel Examinations Paul Grenier

Thirteen Year Coast Guard Auxiliarist Recognized for Service.

Lake Allatoona, June 15, 2013-Staff Officer Bozich has served the Coast Guard Auxiliary for thirteen years.  During the presentation ceremony, Flotilla Commander Jim Farley stated “His impressive statistics in supporting the Flotilla 22 cannot be summarized in one or two words.  With thirteen years of service in the Auxiliary, Staff Officer Bozich has accumulated 7,501 volunteer hours,  309 Marine Dealer Visits and  accumulated 796 Vessel Safety Checks “ 

Staff Officer Bozichhas also received the Auxiliary VE/MDV Service Award 7 times, the Coast Guard Unit Commendation twice, the Sustained Auxiliary Service Award ten times, the Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation twice, the Auxiliary Commandant Letter of Commendation three times, the Transportation 9-11 Ribbon twice, the Presidential Unit Citation, the Auxiliary Operations Service Award, the Auxiliary Membership Service Award, and the RBS (Recreational Boating Safety) Device Award. Staff Officer Bozich is also a qualified  Boat Crew Member, as an Aids to Navigation Verifier, and as a Vessel Examiner. 

Flotilla Commander Jim Farley concluded the presentation ceremony by adding “Many of our Coast Guard Auxiliary Members make extraordinary efforts to improve boater safety, and Flotilla 22 is proud to honor one who might otherwise go unrecognized.  Staff Officer Hank Bozich has proven through his hard work in Recreational Boating Safety, that he is a valuable member in the boating community and is deserving of the honor about to be bestowed upon him.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary in general and Flotilla 22 in particular, are fortunate to have such people as Hank Bozich in our organization.”

 Flotilla Staff Officer Hank Bozich (left) receives his Recreational Boating Safety Award from FlotillaCommander Jim Farley (right) . Photo by Auxiliarist Bob Miller

Coast Guard Auxiliary Recognizes Contributions to Recreational Boating Safety.

Acworth, June 15, 2013- The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 22, based on Allatoona Lake, is proud to announce that Staff Officer Luis Cribeiro is the recipient of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) Award for his work in recreational boating

safety. The Recreational Boating Safety Award is used to recognize extraordinary efforts of Auxiliarists who consistently provide strong support to Recreational Boating Safety programs.

While serving as Public Affairs and Program Visitor (Marine Dealer Visitor) Staff Officer for Flotilla 22, Staff Officer Cribeiro conducted Vessel Examinations, visited numerous marinas and marine equipment dealers, served on marine patrols, and attended frequent public boating events in support of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary’s primary mission to promote recreational boater safety.Flotilla 22

 Commander Jim Farley, in awarding Staff Officer Cribeiro the prestigious Recreational Safety Boating award stated,  “Many of our Coast Guard Auxiliary members make extraordinary efforts to improve boater safety, and Flotilla 22 is proud to honor one who might otherwise go unrecognized.“ Farley continued, “Staff Officer Cribeiro has proven, through his hard work in Recreational Boating Safety, that he is a valuable member in the boating community and is deserving of this honor.”

Staff Officer Cribeiro joined the USCG Auxiliary in August of 2010 and he has contributed over 2500 volunteer hours earning an impressive number of Awards and Certifications during his years of service. Besides being an Interpreter, he is a qualified Boat Crew member, a Recreational Boating Safety Visitor (Marine Dealer Visitor), a Telecommunications Operator and a Vessel Examiner.  In addition to the Recreational Boating Safety Award just received, Staff Officer Cribeiro has been awarded three Sustained Auxiliary Service Awards, three Auxiliary Vessels Examination and Marine Dealer Visitation Awards and a Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation.  Flotilla Commander Farley
concluded his remarks by adding “The Coast Guard Auxiliary is fortunate to have 
such people as Luis Cribeiro in our organization”


 Flotilla Staff Officer Luis Cribeiro (left) receives his Recreational Boating Safety Award from Flotilla Commander Jim Farley (right) . Photo by Auxiliarist Ron Argo