Mission Description

USCG Auxiliary Marine Safety Program

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Marine Safety program is designed to facilitate and encourage Auxiliary support for Coast Guard Sectors in the legacy Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Programs. The program develops, in conjunction with Coast Guard Headquarters program managers and Training Center (TRACEN) Yorktown, Auxiliary specific qualifications in these programs. The Auxiliary qualifications mirror those of the Active Duty – minus any law enforcement or military activities.

All Marine Safety programs open to Auxiliarists are based on the needs of the individual Sector. If a Sector has no need of Auxiliary support in a particular program area, it is not available to Auxiliarists in that area. There are four Divisions in the Prevention Department devoted to the Marine Safety program:

1.     Commercial Vessel Activities

·      Inspected Commercial Vessels

Foreign Flagged Vessels

Domestic Vessels (i.e. T-Boat, K-Boat,

Passenger, Cargo, and Tanker)

·      Uninspected Vessel Activities

Uninspected Passenger Vessels

Uninspected Tow Vessels

o   Commercial Fishing Vessels

2.     Port and Facility Activities

·      Container Inspections

·      Marine Safety oriented MOM Patrols

·      Regional Exam Center Support

3.     Prevention Outreach

·      America's Waterway Watch

·      Sea Partners


4.     Communication and Education

·      Marine Safety Ribbon

·      Trident (Auxiliary Marine Safety) Training Program

·      Auxiliary Marine Safety (Trident) Device

·      Marine Safety Grant Support