The Flotilla's AOR

A Fascinating Waterway...America's River

The Occoquan-Fairfax Flotilla of the USCG Auxiliary has an Area of Responsibility (AOR) on the Tidal Potomac River and its tributaries from just south of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to the Possum Point power lines just north of Quantico. Most of the unit’s Operational Facility vessels hail from the Occoquan River area.

This part of the Potomac River is rich in history, wildlife, and other interesting attractions. Originally populated by members of the North American Algonquin tribe, its first known European explorer was John Smith in 1608. The first President of the United States of America, George Washington, was born and spent most of his life within sight of the Potomac River. George and Martha Washington’s Estate at Mt. Vernon overlooks part of our Flotilla’s AOR as does Gunston Hall, the home of "Founding Father" George Mason, author of the Virginia Constitution.

The Flotilla’s AOR is also characterized by thousands of vessels ranging from the occasional ocean-going cargo ship to coastal cruise ships, commercial ferries and barges, fishing boats, and pleasure craft of all sizes crewed by mariners of all experience levels.

The Flotilla’s primary mission is saving lives through prevention of marine accidents. Boater education, free vessel safety examinations, and underway patrols conducted by the Occoquan-Fairfax Flotilla contribute to a safer Potomac River for all who use it.