Marine Safety

Marine Safety 

What is Marine Safety?

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Marine Safety program is designed to facilitate and encourage Auxiliary support for Coast Guard Sectors in the legacy Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Programs. The program develops, in conjunction with Coast Guard Headquarters program managers and TRACEN Yorktown, Auxiliary specific qualifications in these programs. The Auxiliary qualifications mirror those of the Active Duty – minus any law enforcement or military activities.


All Marine Safety programs open to Auxiliarists are based on the needs of the individual Sector. If a Sector has no need of Auxiliary support in a particular program area, it is not available to Auxiliarists in that area.

The link below has more useful information: 

Marine Safety slides 

Microplastics In The Marine Environment Must Stop, UN Launches Campaign

Be a Good Mate!

Working in collaboration with the U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, Ocean Conservancy created Good Mate, a public outreach program aimed at reducing and eliminating marine pollution and environmental degradation. Ocean Conservancy’s Good Mate program gives you simple, easy-to-follow guidelines for green boating.

The Good Mate Manual has all the information you need to become a Good Mate.

Good Morning.
Please spread the word.  
Exciting news, there will be an AUX-MEES class being offered on APRIL 22 and 23 at BERRY HALL at Curtis Bay.  
This is an interactive two day class that goes over the PQS.  
Start time is 0900 and end time will vary on each day.
Uniform is ODU's.
If you are interested in attending, or teaching, please contact me by April 12, 2017.  
I am attaching the PQS and study guide.
Any questions please let me know.
Jessica Allard

ADSO-MS Sector Maryland-NCR