History is More Then Just the Past

Thadeus Roberts, one of several members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and past Flotilla 24-01 Commander, served in the United States Military during the Vietnam War.                                    



24-01 Member Charles Roe


Ghosts and Memories forever Enshrined 


Auxiliarist Ed Sella taking his oathBill Ormsby's  Operational Facility
Now an Active Duty United States Coast Guard Officer"Second Lady"

Christine Marie Ellis-Hibbett
Taking her Oath  for the Auxiliary 
During Flotilla 24-01's May, 2012 MeetingSummer Party at Carrie's 2009

Now Living with her Significant otherFellowship at it's Best
in Boston, Massachusetts.


                                      Always Proud to Serve the Boating Community

Party At Bill and Christie's July 21, 2012 Thadeus Roberts Being Sworn into the Auxiliary at the Division Picnic at Christie and Bill's House                                       
Thadeus Roberts Being Sworn into the USCG Auxiliary Division Picnic Christie and Bills House 
L-R Thaddeus Roberts, Michael Wiess, District Captain Sector Baltimore, Christie Anne Holland, Flotilla Commander 24-01                                                                                                        

Rest In Peace: Michael Weiss 

           All Through the Years The things We've done and What We have Accomplished!