How to pull reports

Posted by: Susanne Smith

member activity report for division 24

selecting the hyperlink above will open a new browser window and display the latest member activities report for division 24 2017

Navigating AUXINFO
To begin, click here. AUXINFO will open in a new window; follow the instructions below.
(Alternatively, print this page then follow instructions on the printed page.)
1. Click the "continue" link on the "Welcome to AUXINFO!" page
2. On the left, click on "AUXDATA cubes"
3. On the right side, scroll down and click on "AUXDATA Tasks".
4. To get to our flotillal, click on the "+" for "All Units",
    and drill down successively through the + signs:      
         "United States Coast Guard"
                   "LANTAREA East"
                        "District 5" (use the scroll-bar at the bottom, to see these lower levels)
                             "5SR - Fifth Southern"
"Sector Maryland NCR"
                                      "5SR - Div 24"
5.  Select "Filter" from the pull-down menu (right-click).
The screen then shows the training status of all Divisions, grouped by Training Type.
6. Click on any underlined Training Type; the rows now show all training of that type only.
    On each row, a 1 in your column means that you have received credit for that training;
 a 0 means that you have not.


Optional Training

To see your status with respect to various optional training, at step 6 of "Navigating AUXINFO" above, you have these choices:
Currency Maintenance Tasks
General Training
Initial Qualification
Pilot Tasks / Competencies
Professional Development
Search among these to see which optional training you have credit for.



To see if your various Awards are recognized in AUXINFO, at step 3 in "Navigating AUXINFO" above, click AUXDATA Awards.
Recreational Boating Safety Device
The device is earned based on points earned over a two year period. The preformatted reports give a year-to-date accumulation of points by category for the current year.  Both years are given for the preformatted report to view the points earned in the prior year as well as this year. As members reach the points required in the given period of time, AuxData will automatically generate for DirAux the names of members who have qualified for the device.
Learn more about qualifications for the device.  Also, browse the U.S. Coat Guard Auxiliary Department of Boating website.


Other current data in AUXDATA:

To see Division 24 Member Activity, in step 3 of "Navigating AUXINFO" above,
click AUXDATA Member Activities. To see how Division 24 compares with other Divisions in District 5SR,
stop drilling at 5SR , and Filter at that point.
To see Division 24 Competencies, in step 3 of "Navigating AUXINFO" above,click AUXDATA Competencies.
To see Division 24 Demographics, in step 3 of "Navigating AUXINFO" above, click AUXDATA Demographics.
You get the idea...