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Vessel Safety Checks

 2012 Vessel Safety Check Decal
  Ever wonder whether or not your boat is in compliance with all necessary state and federal regulations? Wonder no further with a FREE Vessel Safety Check provided by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Our Vessel Examiner will in 15 to 20 minutes evaluate your vessel for safety, and award you an annual decal to display if you meed all the necessary requirements.  If there are things missing, don't worry! You won't be reported to any authorities, and the Vessel Examiner will instruct you as to what you need to do to meet the safety requirements.
 For more information, or to schedule your FREE Vessel Safety Check, contact our Flotilla Staff Officer for Vessel Examinations:
Nelson Lowes
nelson (dot) lowes (at) icloud (dot) com
(410) 200-7303
For further reading, including lists of requirements, please visit our Division Vessel Safety Check website or the National website at the links on the left.