Diversity in the Auxiliary


Alexander Urciuoli: Ops Normal
By Tracy Schultz, BC-DPA
Alexander Urciuoli, a member of the U.S.
Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla in Monterey,
CA, is not one to take things for granted.
Alex was born with cerebral palsy and has
had to walk with the aid of crutches his
entire life. Urciuoli especially likes the
safety and prevention aspects of the Coast
Guard. “Whether it is Boating Safety classes
for the public, beach cleanups, or answering
distress calls, the first mission is saving
lives. I never get tired of being a part of that,
and serving my country at the same time.”
says Urciuoli. Auxiliarist Alexander
Urciuoli is a fine example of the diversity to
be found in the Coast Guard and is a
qualified candidate to be a Diversity
Champion. His own words describe the
opportunities that exist in the Coast Guard
and Auxiliary: “If you want to serve, you
can serve. Find out what you can do, and do
it. Don’t allow your disability to identify

Caption: Alexander Urciuoli augmenting in the
communications center at U.S. Coast Guard
Station Monterey
Source: "Partners in Auxiliary Diversity" (2015/01)