flotilla commanders message

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Thu, 10 Jan 13  

Message from the Flotilla Commander 

Welcome to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary's Flotilla 22-2

Founded in 1939 the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary has a rich history of promoting boater safety.

We operate primarily in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  We are tasked by the United States Coast Guard with the mission to protect US waters and make recreational boating safer.

Some of our duties include Vessel Safety Checks, harbor patrols, marine environmental protection and search and rescue.  In addition we also participate directly in Active Duty Coast Guard operations on station and at sea.

Events our Flotilla has been directly involved in include providing on the water patrols for 4th of July Fireworks displays at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the annual Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim; providing escort for cruise ships, naval vessels and tall ships; providing patrols to maintain aids to navigation (buoys and beacons); we have also been directly involved in recovery and lifesaving actions on the water.  We excel at providing training directly to the public to promote boater safety.  Among our members are those who stand watch in several capacities on Active Duty Coast Guard facilities.  Their work includes communications, public affairs, Aids to Navigation and more.

The training available is top notch and ranges from Seamanship to Navigation to Search Coordination and Rescue and much more.  There is no charge for tuition or books.
So if you have an interest in helping insure the safety of the American boater, are ready to become involved with the world’s premiere littoral naval organization, are 17 or older and are Semper Paratus please contact us today to learn more.

Gary Pierpoint
Flotilla Commander