Training and Teaching

   Flotilla 20-10 teaches boating classes for the general public throughout the year in Emerald Isle, Swansboro, and at the Coast Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, N.C. To view our classes and sign up for one, please go to Boating Courses in the left menu.  

   Join the Auxiliary and you can enjoy free courses and training in many areas throughout each year for our members including training with the Coast Guard, C-Schools around the country, online training, classroom, and on-the-water training.  Become a member and learn new skills or become an certified instructor and teach public and Auxiliary classes.

Quality Examiner trains Auxiliarists Auxiliarists are trained by more experienced Auxiliary members afloat and in the classroom.
 Teaching handling lines at public education class at community college 
 Public education class
 Learning patrol theory
 Member training class
 Joint class with Coast Guard  Active, Reserve Coast Guard and Auxiliary participate in a CPR class
 Hands-on Training--stern towing a disabled boat
 Stern towing disabled boat

 Heaving a line to vessel in distress Coast Guard heaves a line to us as we play a vessel in distress.
Coast Guard Reservists practice their towing skills.
 Practicing towing
 Two boat tow We tow a Coast Guard facility.
 Practicing a side tow using two Auxiliary facilities trains both coxswains and crew.
 Practicing a side tow
 Rescuing person overboard
  Oscar, the practice dummy, get rescued during a Man Overboard drill
  Practice retrieving dummy person overboard
Retrieving dummy overboard
 Training with Coast Guard for food service
Auxiliarist gets food service training at Coast Guard instructor at Station-Emerald Isle
Auxiliarist putting food service training to work