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If you properly prepared for safe boating with good current information and have the proper equipment that you may need aboard, then you will have a enjoyable and safe trip.  Here is some helpful information for boaters.

First consider a Safety Briefing for your crew and passengers:

Key things to know:

1. Location of life jackets, first aid kit and fire extinguisher

2. How to make a basic radio call (Name of your boat for the Coast Guard). Push to talk, release to listen

3.Where to find Latitude/Longitude on the boat (GPS, Chartplotter, radio and how to transmit it

4.Start/stop engine procedure

5 Kill switch operation

6. Anchor procedures

 General Information:

Before You Go Boating - Checklist

Float Plan Form

About Marine Radios

NC Wildlife Resources: Boat Registration, Boating Information and Publications 

Hurricane Preparedness Information

Cold Water Boot Camp

North Carolina Boater's Check List

Boating Safety Week Video

Local, State and Federal Information:

NOAA Online View Chart 11541 - View local chart online

NOAA Charts

NOAA Booklet Charts - Print at home for free. BookletCharts are made to help recreational boaters locate themselves on the water. The BookletChart is reduced in scale and divided into pages for convenience, but otherwise contains all the information of the full-scale nautical chart.

NOAA U.S. Coast Pilot - Detailed information on local waters.

Army Corps of Engineers Bogue Inlet survey charts - Here you'll find the latest hydrographic survey charts of Bogue Inlet and other inlets and crossings in the area. 

Local Buoy BFTN7 Weather Information

Current National Weather Service Marine Weather

Current NOAA Weather Forecast

Local Tide Tables

NOAA Bogue Inlet Tide Information 

Notice to Mariners

Coast Guard Navigation Center

N.C. Department of Marine Fisheries 

Find a State Boating Access Site

Detailed Boating Information:

Find Any Location by Putting in Lat/Long

Coast Guard Light List - for every Aid to Navigation in the U.S.  Updated January of each year. Note: Top left box provides link for Weekly updates and corrections.

The Local Notice for Mariners - This document provides dredging activities, regattas, missing or damaged Aids to Navigations - both public and private.

Reporting a Boating Accident - For NC Accident Report for accidents within three miles of the NC Coast, call the NC Wildlife Dispatch Center, 800-662-7137.

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