On The Water

Bill Flynn Aux and CG Hobucken Night Ops201204 tow training with HobuckenAux and Hobucken training Patrol

The mission of U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Operations is to provide operational, logistic and training support to U.S. Coast Guard Programs, and Auxiliary resources are used for missions authorized by the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard.  Auxiliarists provide crucial, non-law enforcement and non-military operational support to Coast Guard missions including: 

  • Conducting Safety Patrols.
  • Performing Search and Rescue Missions.
  • Support Transport Missions of personnel and supplies during natural disasters.
  • Providing Perimeter Security during regattas and other marine events.  
  • Verification of Aids to Navigation and ATON checks after severe storms.
  • Conducting Pollution and Environmental Patrols. 

Rescue training aboard 201204

Auxiliarists are trained and qualified to an equivalent level and standard with the U.S. Coast Guard, except for military or law enforcement activities. 

The Best Training Is Received While Underway!

  SAR charting course  SAR exercises Aux and CG Hobucken 


     Tow training with CG Station Hobucken Tow and PIW Rescue training 201204 and CG Station Hobucken Night Ops with CG Station Hobucken 45 foot vessel and 201204

Auxiliary on the water operational activities and missions are conducted in specially equipped, privately owned power boats, sailboats and other designated Auxiliary facilities. Qualified coxswain and crew carry out assigned underway missions under Coast Guard orders. The training and qualifications process for crew and coxswains is an ongoing process, with each Patrol providing training opportunities for our members.  New Bern Flotilla members spend over 90 days as volunteers each year carrying out these activities.

Flotilla 20-04 conducts these missions within our area of operations responsibility, which includes sections of the Lower Neuse and Trent Rivers. While underway, Flotilla facilities maintain communications and contact with Flotilla land- based VHF radio facilities.

Water Watch program reporting suspicious activity