Mascot Sightings

Sea Otter Mascot Sightings

KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC – The furry sea otter recently sighted at Dare County Libraries, Kid’s Fest, and Open House Station Oregon Inlet is the official Mascot of United States Coast Guard charged with Marine Safety and Recreational Safe Boating Mission, Sammy the Sea Otter.

The Outer Banks Flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary has welcomed Sammy the Sea Otter to its crew. Sammy represents the mission of Recreational Boating Safety that the Auxiliary performs for the United States Coast Guard by always wearing a life jacket. Another aspect of his mission is raising awareness of the marine environment and engaging children in helping prevent destructive waste like plastic bags, fishing line, beverage cans, and bottles from being carelessly discarded into our waters.

Sammy the Sea Otter 
NAGS HEAD, NC – Sammy the Sea Otter with Luke and Larry Collawn held by their dad at Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet open house. Sammy is the resident Mascot for Marine and Recreational Boating Safety for the United States Coast Guard and a member of the Outer Banks Coast Guard Auxiliary. CGAUX photo by Al Douglass.

Sammy is animated by trained members of the Auxiliary. One of them, Bill Trimyer, reflected on his recent experience at Station Oregon Inlet’s Open House. Bill wore the costume from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. It is an incredibly warm, furry, suit with huge feet and appropriately large head. He took frequent rests to prevent overheating. What follows is his reflection on his experience:

“When I first thought about donning a costume depicting a sea otter, I thought it was silly. Having portrayed Sammy I can see the empowerment of lighting up the faces of both children and adults. Most of the children love the character and wish to connect with Sammy with a hug or a high five. For a brief moment most of the adults are able to enjoy a smile and to relate to a man in a funny costume. A number of them want a picture with Sammy the Sea Otter. Besides the opportunity to convey a message about the importance of clean and safe waters, Sammy prompts from both children and adults a smile. It's a brief retreat into a fantasy that is captured in the memory of picture. Not so bad when sometimes there isn't much to smile about. Sammy also solicits a smile from me. Behind the mask I am able to see the smiles. Inside the mask I am also smiling. Sammy inspires me to be a better caretaker of our waters.”

Sammy the Sea Otter is one way that the Coast Guard Auxiliary interacts with the public about our recreational time in boats. The Auxiliary specialize in courses about boating safety, offers free vessel inspections, and enjoy interacting with the public. Groups interested in a presentation about various aspects of boating in our local waters from Aids to Navigation (the road signs on the water) to Vessel Safety Examinations can contact the Outer Banks Flotilla through Public Affairs Officer, Al Douglass,


The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed civilian component of the U.S. Coast Guard and supports the Coast Guard in nearly all mission areas. The Auxiliary was created by Congress in 1939. For more information, please visit