Prospective & New Members


The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the civilian, non-military component of the Coast Guard team. 
The Auxiliary directly supports the Coast Guard in all of its missions except military
and law enforcement actions. Who We Are and What We Do

Flotilla Cape Hatteras appreciates your interest in our U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary unit and encourages you to join us. 

Application Procedure

1. Start by filling out page 1 of the application (ANSC 7001), working with the Human Resources Officer as you go. This can be done on-line or hard-copy.  New (May 2015) Application Form 7001 You can fill in the remaining pages as you complete the following steps.

Your Human Resources Officer (FSO-HR) is Angela Smyers (443)370-1129

2. Take the new member exam and send the final score to the above FSO-HR.

The new member course is now available at the following:

3. Have your finger prints taken and U.S. citizenship verified at the Dare County Sheriff’s office in Frisco (252) 475-9350 or 5980 or at your local police station. Larry Griffin, Flotilla Commander (FC),  (252)717-0090 has the blank cards and can help you arrange for fingerprinting in Frisco 

   - When you go for fingerprinting you will need to take three fingerprint cards with you, with your information already filled in. Each fingerprint card must be unique and done separately (not copied from one fingerprinting)

   - Also take page 3 of the application and your verification of U.S. citizenship.  Note that you will need the law enforcement officer’s identifying information and signature on that page.

4. Have your official photograph taken. Larry Griffin, Flotilla Commander,  (252-717-0090; can take care of this.

5. Get the final OK from the Human Resources Officer then meet with the Flotilla Commander to complete the application process.

Bring the following with you: 

   - A photocopy of your passport or other proof of citizenship

   - Two or three fingerprint cards

   - Your Boating Safety Course certificate or card (if you have one, but not required)

   - Pages 1-5 of your Completed Enrollment Application 

The Flotilla Commander will submit your application and should receive your member
number approximately two weeks after the application is received.

6. Final approval and ID card.  Because a security clearance is necessary,this can take up to a year,  However, you can participate in flotilla activities as a "Trainee" once you have your member number. You will need to obtain an Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) to participate in official flotilla activities. See the “Uniform” tab on the flotilla home page.