Flotilla 16-2 Member Training

Boat Crew Training

Auxiliary Vessel BY N BY on patrol with Lou Manring, Butch Yert and Brenda Yert
Brenda Yert, Lou Manring and Butch Yert on the Auxiliary Patrol Boat BY-N-BY

Boat Crew Training 

To all: the first session of the Boat Crew Qualification Program (BCQP) will be this Saturday 09 January 2016. The program will continue on every Saturday until finished with the exception of those occasions that may cause cancellations which will be announced in advance. If you are interested in starting this program or if you would like a refresher, please let me know if you are coming. I will need to give your name to the Gate shack to let you in to the plantation. Please note that if you miss a session, there are no makeup sessions planned. It will be up to you to learn the material.

Thanks and Regards, Charlie Pencinger FSO-MT 16-01 EMAIL