Flotilla 12-6 What's New!

What's New Announcements 


   Announcements can be thought of as one or more paragraphs of text, preceded by an optional caption or “headline”, the name of the person who posted the content, also optional, and a posting date, also optional. Moreover, an announcement can be marked “Protected”, which means that the announcement – and its caption, posting date, and contributor if displayed – will remain hidden from view unless the visitor is a member logged in. 

   Each announcement can be given a start date and a stop date, and will only appear between those dates. This enables you to prepare content long in advance, post it, and have it “run”, and then disappear on cue, thus automatically keeping your site current. Finally, photographs or other images may be inserted into an announcement at any point, to add “color” and interest to a page.

   A page of WOW content may consist of a single, multi-paragraph announcement, with the caption, contributor name, and posting date turned off. The main title of the page is provided by the menu system (or by you when you created a custom menu item), and the content is text and artwork that you added by typing it onto the page, or pasted from some other document.