Vessel Safety Checks

Vessel Safety Check Sticker
The Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is a FREE service provided to owners or operators of privately-owned recreational boats. It is a USCG Auxiliary service for the public and is NOT required by any government agency.
  • We help you be sure you have all the legally required equipment as well as some extra equipment for safety.   

Cary Flotilla 054-09-11

2017 Vessel Examination Stations


 (Note:  Dates Subject to change)

054-09-11 (Cary) Vessel Examination Stations

March 3

Jordan Lake, New Hope Overlook

April 21

Jordan Lake, Farrington Point

May 12

Lake Royale, Louisburg

May 19

Jordan Lake, Crosswinds Marina

June 23

Jordan Lake, New Hope Overlook

July 14

Lake Royale, Louisburg

July 21

Jordan Lake, Farrington Point

August 25

Jordan Lake, Farrington Point

September 15

Jordan Lake, Farrington Point

NOTE: Stations are scheduled from 10 AM - 2 PM unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to arrange for a Safety Check on your boat at another time
or if you want more information about the Vessel Examination process contact:
Perry Taylor, Flotilla Staff Officer of Vessel Examinations

NOTE: The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the volunteer, civilian branch of the Coast Guard. We do NOT have Law Enforcement authority. We want you and your boat to be safe! If there is a legal infraction on your boat, you will NOT get a ticket! We want to be invited back, to keep helping you keep your boat safe.