Mission Areas

Small Boat Operations

Small boat safety and security patrols, search and rescue, and maritime domain awareness are the Auxiliary's oldest and most active missions.  Our members serve in Auxiliary-only boat crews or as augmentation to Coast Guard active duty and reserve personnel.


Marine Safety and Environmental Protection

"MSEP" missions include pollution prevention and response, vessel safety examinations, maintenance of inland waterway aids to navigation, public and school education, and augmentation of local active duty Coast Guard.  We help keep the marine environment and those that use it safe and free from harm. 

Public and Boating Safety

Prevention of marine accidents is as important as response to those that occur.  The Flotilla provides qualified instructors for a variety of public education courses, as well as trained personnel working with local marine dealers to educate the boaters and mariners before they get underway.

Other Missions 

Auxiliarists perform a variety of other missions, including support and logistics functions, in the areas of international missions, interpreters, training and development, public affairs, communications and computing, medical services, personnel, materials, financial, and logistics, and emergency response.