Flotilla 6-1 Member Training


A.  Auxiliarists must successfully complete the following MT during their first year of enrollment and then once every five years thereafter:

         (1) DHS Together - Resilience Training - course code 502379

        (2) Security Education and Training Awareness (SETA) - course code 810030

        (3) Privacy at DHS / Protecting Personal Information - course code 810015

        (4) Sexual Harassment Prevention - course code 810000

        (5) Sexual Assault Prevention and Response - course code 810045

        (6) Civil Rights Awareness - course code 502319

B.  Auxiliarists must successfully complete the following MT only once (new members shall complete them during their first year of enrollment):

        (1) Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts - course code 502306

        (2) Influenza Training - course code 502290

C. Enrolled Auxiliarists now have until 31 December 2016 to complete all eight of the MT courses listed above.  As each of the first six courses listed above is completed, its own five-year cycle will start.  Each cycle will extend to 31 December of the fifth year regardless of the date the course was completed during the year, and so on. For example, if an Auxiliarist completes the Civil Rights Awareness course on 15 November 2017, then he/she will have to complete it again by 31 December 2022.


USCGAux mandated training is done through the Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS).  To gain access to AUXLMS, follow the below instructions:

    A.   Access to AUXLMS is through the following site: 

    B.   How do I get my password in AUXLMS? 

        (1)  Click on the "I forgot my password" link under the Login button. 

        (2)  Fill in the Username field with your individual primary e-mail address currently in AUXDATA.  This is your username for AUXLMS.  Click on the Submit button. 

        (3)  An e-mail will be sent to your AUXDATA e-mail address that contains your login and password.  Check this email account for a message from 

        (4)  Return to and use the credentials provided in the e-mail to log in. 

        (5)  You will then be asked to change your password.