Flotilla 19-6 What's New!

The 2016 Flotilla 19-06 COW is planned for Sunday, 11 December, at the Cross Keys Village Campus Inn.

Flotilla 19-06 Change of Watch

Posted by: David Shelton
Change of Watch:  The flotilla COW for installation of elected officers and appointed staff was held Sunday, 13 December 2015 at the Cross Keys Community Center. Flotilla members and guests enjoyed a festive afternoon along with the excellent meal provided by the Campus Inn buffet.  Distinguished USCG Auxiliary representatives included DNACO-O Ken Brown, DCAPT-W 5NR Steve Marthouse, and DCDR 19 Darwin Eshleman. Other guests included our self-termed “Junior Auxiliarists” and prospective members, Nathan Ferguson, Devyn Flynn and Grayson Flynn. Certificates of appreciation were presented to 2015 flotilla staff officers, and Harold Coldren was recognized as the Flotilla 19-06 Auxiliarist of the Year for 2015. In addition, Dick Moale was presented with a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and letter of congratulation from President Obama in recognition of his significant contributions the USCG Auxiliary and the Nation as he retires from Auxiliary membership. Eric Ferguson was instrumental in arranging for this national award and conducted the presentation in conjunction with DNACO-O Ken Brown.

New Flotilla 19-06 Formed

Posted by: David Shelton
New Flotilla 19-06:  The inaugural meeting for the newly formed Flotilla 19-06 was held 12 January 2015 at Spring Grove Municipal Building.  Conversion actions to consolidate previous Flotillas 14-04 and 14-05 have been completed in accordance with the 5NR District Reorganization Plan.  Standing rules provisions agreed to at the combined 14-04/05 meeting in November were formally adopted at the inaugural meeting.