Division 19 General Information

Congratulations to the Division 19 Honorees for their contributions and additional qualifications.

October 2018
  Steven Franz      19-01    10 years Membership Service Award
  Kevin Tyler         19-06     15 years Membership Service Award
  Daniel Benny     19-01     Century Club Award
  John Williams    19-04     Century Club Award
  Wendy Behr      19-05     Instructor
  Donald Siperko  19-06      Membership (new member)

September 2018

19-01 John Aponick      New Member
19-02 Richard Flowers  Weather Specialist
19-05 Jeffery Weiss      New Member
19-05 Joseph Bartolo    New Member


August 2018 Division Meeting Awards and Recognition

Mel Collins           19-01  New Member
Richard Young      19-01 Crew Qualification


July 2018 Division Meeting Awards and Recognition

Douglas Hoffman                  19-02    Vessel Examiner Qualification
Michael Gross                     19-04     5 years of Service
Kenneth Brown, Sr.              19-06     20 years of Service
Kyle Harkins                        19-01     New Member
Mary McCormick                  19-01     New Member
John Stevenson                    19-01    15 years of Service
Lloyd Smith                          19-01    5 years of Service
Steven Sondheimer               19-01    5 years of Service

June 2018 Division Meeting Recognition

Lorraine Houser - Vessel Examiner Qualification 19-2
Hans Gehman - New Member 19-1


May 2018 Division Meeting Awards

John Williams       19-01          30 years
Robert Herr           19-01             25 years
Darwin Eshleman  19-01    25 years
Troy Faw              19-05                 15 years
Kevin Behr         - Service Performance Award- Operational Support
Jeff Kuhn           - Service Performance Award- Operational Support
Jeff Kuhn           - Service Performance Award- Public Education
Daniel Benny     - Service Performance Award- Greater than 60 VE's
Stephen Marthouse -Service Performance Award- Greater than 60 VE's
John Williams    - Service Performance Award- Greater than 60 VE's
Terry Millard       - Service Performance Award- Greater than 60 VE's


From the 2018 Change of Watch Recognition

George Smyth Operations Award- Flotilla 19-05 Flotilla
Operational Support Award- Flotilla 19-02 Flotilla
Instructor Award- Flotilla 19-02 Flotilla
Vessel Safety Check Award- Flotilla 19-04 Flotilla
RBS Program Visitor Award- Flotilla 19-01 Flotilla
Activity Award- Flotilla 19-04 Flotilla
Public Affairs Award- Flotilla 19-06
Fred Gilbert Membership Recruitment Award- Flotilla 19-02
Member Operations Achievement Award- Kevin Behr 19-05
Member Operational Support Achievement Award- Robert Goley 19-06
Member RBS Program Visitor Achievement Award- Daniel Benny 19-01
Member Instructor Achievement Award- Jeff Kuhn 19-05
Member Vessel Safety Check Achievement Award- John Williams 19-04
Member Activity Achievement Award- Jeff Kuhn 19-05
Member Public Affairs Achievement Award- Lloyd (Jack) Smith 19-01
Vice-Division Commander's Staff Officer Award- Darwin Eshleman 19-04
Division Commander's Flotilla Commander of the Year Award- Keith Cavanaugh 19-02
Division 19 Auxiliarist of the Year Award- Lindy Harrison 19-05
USCG Special Commendation Award for Communications- Rick Taylor
USCG Special Commendation Award for Communications- P. Denis Rossiter
Certificate of Appreciation presented to The Emergency Health Services Federation

Nov 2017
Douglas Dockey-Communication Specialist
David Yoder-Communication Specialist
Kevin Wehnau-Seamanship Specialist
Douglas Hoffman-Seamanship Specialist
Ronald Kripas-Communications Specialist
Kevin Wehnau-Communication Specialist
Douglas Hoffman-Communication Specialist
Mark Snell- Communication Specialist
David Shelton-Communication Specialist

Sept 2017
Nathan Tobler- New Member
Rick Taylor- Sustained Service Award
Steve Marthouse-Vessel Examinations
Judy Redlawsk- 25 years
Keith Cavanaugh- 5 years.


June 2017
Mark Snell 19-06

May 2017
Terry Millard- Vessel Safety Check Service Award,
Robert Goley- Radio Watchstander Service Award

March Honorees 2017

Jack Smith-Communications Specialist, and Patrol Specialist.
Douglas Dockey-New Member
Judy Redlawsk-Meritorious Team Commendation
Dave Yoder-Division Staff Officer of the Year 2016


January Honorees 2017
Robert Herr - Certificate of Appreciation and RBS Achievement Award
Steve Marthouse - Service Award
Judy Redlawsk - Meritorious Team Commendation
Steve Longenecker - Meritorious Team Commendation
Douglas Willwerth - Vessel Examiner.


November Honorees
Darwin Eshleman Air Program Team Meritorious Award
Sustained Service Awards: Doug Willwerth, Darwin Eshleman, Lori Ann Black, Darwin Dosch, Jim Imler, Steve Marthouse and Bruce Henry.

September Honorees
Rick Young - AUXOP and Vessel Examiner
Daniel Benny - Communications Specialist, Seamanship Specialist, and Boat Crew Qualification

August Honorees
William Cookson, new member in 19-04

July Honorees
Richard Young-Instructor
Todd Kennedy-Program Visitor
James Imler- Service Award 1500 HRS
Warren Silvers - AUXOP (presented at the 19-01 meeting)

June Honorees
Darwin Dosch, Steve Marthouse, and Jim Imler- Sustained Service Award
Keith Cavanaugh, Richard Young, and Eric Ferguson- Seamanship Award.
Richard Young- Patrol Specialist.
Richard Young- Communications Specialist.

May Honorees
David Firestone -  Achieving member status of AUXOP
Jack Smith- achieving Crew Status
Dave Reiss- achieving Crew Status

April honorees
Lori Ann Black- Watchstander Service Award
Robert Houser- Instructor Service Award
Bruce Henry-Instructor Service Award
Steve Marthouse- Instructor Service Award
Robert Goley- Watchstander Service Award
Judy Redlawsk- Operations Service Award
Steve Franz- Instructor Service Award
Denis Rossiter- Operational Service Hours in Communications
Jeff Kuhn- Operations Service Award and Instructor Service Award
Mark Besic- Achieving Vessel Examiner.
25 Year Award to James Bower and Doug Willwerth.
CG Auxiliary Achievement Medal to Darwin Eshleman.

March Honorees
Darwin Dosch -  Sustained Service Award
Steve Marthouse - Sustained Service Award
Jim Imler- Sustained Service Award Sustained Service Award
Keith Cavanaugh - Seamanship Award
Richard Young - Seamanship Award
Eric Ferguson- Seamanship Award
Richard Young- Patrol Specialist and Communications Specialist.

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