What Can I Do in the Coast Guard Auxiliary?

To get a sense of what the Coast Guard Auxiliary does first here is our mission:

 Mission of the Coast Guard Auxiliary:

  • To promote and improve Recreational Boating Safety.
  • To provide trained crews and facilities to augment the Coast Guard and enhance safety and security of our ports, waterways, and coastal regions.
  • To support Coast Guard operational, administrative, and logistical Requirements.

Our opportunities to serve in the Auxiliary are broad...very broad.

 The Auxiliary operates in: 

  • Safety and Security Patrols
  • Search and Rescue
  • Mass Casualty or Disasters
  • Pollution Response & Patrols
  • Homeland Security
  • Recreational Boating Safety
  • Commercial Fishing and Vessel Exams
  • Platforms for Boarding Parties
  • Recruit for all service in the Coast Guard

These are direct operational services we provide to the Coast Guard.  We also have many, many opportunities that support the Auxiliary internally as well.  Such as serving as officers for local Flotillas, or serving as officers at the District and Division levels as well!

We have a need for many disciplines across many areas of expertise.  And joining the Auxiliary will afford you training to learn many new skills in other areas!