Flotilla 18-4 Uniform Information

Getting started with Uniforms

The first uniform you will need is called the Tropical blue uniform. This uniform will be worn at most meetings, as well as public affairs events when interacting with the public. You should plan on purchasing a tropical blue uniform within a couple months of joining.

You will need the following for the tropical blue uniform:

  • Belt - plain buckle
  • Cap - Garrison cap
  • Cap accessory - Garrison cap device
  • Collar device - Member collar insignia (also goes on the cap)
  • Name tag - Last name only
  • Shoulder board - Member, Regular Shoulder Boards
  • Tropical blue short-sleeved shirt
  • Long navy blue pants
  • Shoes - black oxford low quarters
  • V-neck white t-shirt (must be v-neck)
  • Socks - black 

There are many sources for uniforms and uniform accessories.  The following are few sources from which to order uniforms, links to information about proper wear, plus pictures of various uniform components.


Ribbon Checker - Lays out the order in which ribbons should be placed on the uniform.


Ultra Thin Ribbons & Medals - Ultra Thin magnets allow you to attach ribbons to your shirt without poking holes.


Uniform Procurement Guide - Designed to give Auxiliarists the latest in-depth OFFICIAL policy and information covering uniform garments, sources of supply, ordering procedures, helpful size charts, prices, and whom to contact for assistance when purchasing garments.


USCG Uniform Distribution Center - Stocked with nearly all items for composing a uniform. Members order directly from this source.


Lighthouse Uniform Company - A full service uniform company.


Auxiliary Center (AUXCEN) - District material stores provided on-line.  Use your AuxDirectory username and password to log on.


Other uniforms are used for operations (e.g. boat crew) and other special responsibilities. See your Flotilla Human Resources Staff Officer (FSO-HR) for information about these uniforms.